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EAM Consulting & Implementation Services

Maximise asset health and performance with intelligent asset management

Identify potential failures and prevent downtime and disruption by implementing SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions with services from SAP.

Why focus on intelligent asset management?

According to digital readiness surveys, companies see the need to leverage digital capabilities to optimise asset management:
- 76% of organisations consider it important to predict potential failures by leveraging data models*

- Only 21% of organisations employ predictive and preventive maintenance     effectively*

- 83% of organisations consider it important to have asset management processes and related metrics standardised across facilities and regularly tracked*

- Only 13% of organisations are able to drive asset performance based on analysis of real-time sensor data, along with historical maintenance data*

  *Source: Business Performance Benchmarking by SAP 2017


Consulting services for intelligent assets


Develop a strategy and road map for digital transformation with our quick-start service offerings.


Realise innovation in the cloud quickly with a live implementation based on best practices.

Implementation service package for intelligent assets for Industry 4.Now

Create a resilient supply chain by connecting assets across networks, monitoring asset health, and prioritizing maintenance activities to manage risk and criticality with a service package that supports the implementation of assets as part of the Industry 4.Now strategy.

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