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Screenshot of SAP IQ being used in a laptop


Enhance in-the-moment decision-making with SAP IQ, our columnar analytics database software.


Gain maximum speed, power, and security, while supporting extreme-scale enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics, with this affordable, efficient relational database management system (RDBMS) for
SAP Business Technology Platform.

  • Proven columnar relational database server
  • Compliant with SQL standards
  • Designed for analytics workloads on large data sets


  • Deploy on premise and on an infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Extract value from massive data volumes
  • Adapt to business performance and market dynamics
  • Implement a disk-based, columnar analytics platform

SAP HANA Cloud, data lake

  • Deploy as a fully managed cloud service on a major hyperscaler platform
  • Ingest, store, and query large data volumes within a relational data lake that provides a native object storage for most file types
  • Provide a compatible, fully managed cloud option for SAP IQ customers that extend existing Sybase investments
  • Simplify the migration of existing SAP IQ databases to the cloud

Modernize in the cloud

Extend your existing investments in Sybase offerings.

Key Capabilities

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High-speed data loading

Make Big Data available faster to applications and people for in-the-moment decisions.

Column-store compression

Reduce storage volumes by more than 70% for lower storage costs and improved performance.


Put data and analytics at users’ fingertips with the ability to handle petabyte-scale data volumes.

Cloud-ready, flexible deployment

Extend and modernize existing investments of Sybase offerings by applying SAP IQ as a cloud-native, fully managed service or on IaaS from major hyperscalers.

Streamline IT administration tasks

Store and query more data, more affordably – whether you have terabytes or petabytes of data and reduce IT workloads.

Enterprise wide analytics

Manage and analyse data from across your business and social sites, creating ad-hoc reports from real-time data to gain more insights.

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