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Industry 4.0 solutions

Steer your business to success and unlock the value of Industry 4.0 and IIOT software from SAP across your entire supply chain.

Make Industry 4.0 your everyday reality

With Industry 4.0 solutions and technology from SAP, you can bring data-driven processes and operational flexibility to the entire business. 

Apply four winning strategic initiatives from SAP by putting intelligence into products, factories and logistics, assets, and people.

  • Intelligent products can be built and configured to meet customers' unique needs and use sensors to report on their operational health.
  • Intelligent factories use advanced technologies to run autonomously and deliver mass produced or individualised products at scale.
  • Intelligent assets link all operational processes and enable predictive maintenance of equipment.
  • Empowered people have the tools and information they need to do their best work.

SAP provides key solutions for Industry 4.0

SAP's supply chain management portfolio brings all the Industry 4.0 capabilities together across your ecosystem. Combine the power of digital manufacturing in factories and plants with end-to-end business process execution across the supply chain.

Develop connected, self-aware products that are capable of sharing information about their health, location, usage level, storage conditions, and more.

The data these smart products share can help you improve everything from product quality and customer service to logistics and R&D. They can also anticipate service needs, receive remote upgrades, and open the door to new, service-based business models.  

Custom products for connected customers

Learn about intelligent products fundamentals and benefits for consumers and manufacturers.

Smart factories or digital manufacturing is the utilisation of real-time data analysis, AI, and machine learning in the manufacturing process.

Smart factories use sensors on equipment to acquire and process real-time data, intelligent manufacturing allows manufacturers a complete, 360-degree high-fidelity virtual data-driven integrated view of all operations—from suppliers and supply chains, through equipment, processes, and manufacturing practices, to final product testing and customer satisfaction.

The future of intelligent manufacturing

See how intelligent factories support Industry 4.0 transformation.

Intelligent assets reduce downtime and increase efficiency throughout the supply chain

With intelligent assets, technicians can monitor asset performance in real time, anticipate and prevent downtime, employ dynamic and predictive maintenance, take advantage of digital twins, and tightly integrate assets and business processes. SAP solutions enable you to easily onboard assets, optimise predictive maintenance, and more.

The building blocks of intelligent business

Gain insights on intelligent assets and mitigating risk, downtime, and supply chain volatility.

Empowering people for better business

Find out how empowering your people is critical to success in Industry 4.0.

Accelerate your Industry 4.0 transformation

Take a fresh look at Industry 4.0 for manufacturing

There have been many significant changes in the realm of industrial manufacturing and Industry 4.0. What hasn’t changed are the laws of economics. Find out how you can build a robust business case to realise the maximum value of Industry 4.0.

Achieve maximum value with intelligent asset management

As manufacturers adapt to changing economic and competitive pressures, many are adopting an Industry 4.0 mindset with a focus on transitioning from an automated to intelligent manufacturing and intelligent asset management mindset.

See what analysts are saying about Industry 4.0

Increase productivity, revenues, and profitability

Learn about the impact of Industry 4.0 and how manufacturers are deploying Industry 4.0 in their organisations and supply chains.

Enhance supply chain operations

See how manufacturers are applying digital technologies to improve supply chain metrics, collaboration, productivity, and profits.

Build a business case

Speed your journey to intelligent manufacturing

Discover how technologies and vendor services can support your intelligent manufacturing initiatives with insights from Forrester.

Benefit from Industry 4.0

Find out how SAP’s Industry 4.0 strategy enables customers to benefit from business expertise, software solutions, and a partner ecosystem to make data-driven applications.

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