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SAP Consumer Insight 365

SAP Consumer Insight 365: Unleash mobile data analytics on carrier networks

Collect and analyse Big Data from major mobile carriers – with SAP Consumer Insight 365. This mobile marketing research service uses the latest analytics, in-memory, and cloud technologies to give you fast insight into consumer behaviour and market intelligence. Create real-time mobile data visualisations, compare and combine consumer attributes, and develop more impactful marketing and CRM strategies.

Why SAP Consumer Insight 365?

Because the research service can help you find new and innovative ways to engage consumers. Take advantage of real-time mobile data capture and analytics – and use network insights to create better marketing plans, targeted mobile advertising, customised offers, and more:

  • Improve mobile marketing with an empirical knowledge of consumer behaviour and market intelligence
  • Reveal population-scale consumer insights and drill down to high-definition, granular details
  • Break down information by location, gender, age group, time, device type, and usage
  • Harness fully anonymized and aggregated mobile data that contains no personal information
  • Leverage new and more effective ways to monetize consumer data from mobile networks
  • Power real-time marketing and mobile data analytics with the SAP HANA in-memory platform

See how Super Bowl 50 affected social media, travel, auto and other industries through data collected from SAP Consumer Insight 365

Functional Capabilities
Mobile data capture and analytics
Gather and aggregate billions of anonymized data points from mobile network operators. Create real-time data visualisations to quickly interpret data – and use built-in reporting templates to produce an instant snapshot of findings. Easily compare and combine different dimensions (such as gender, location, date range, device type, and usage), and filter data based on any attribute – all via your browser or mobile device.
Digital journey analysis
Identify the domains accessed before and after a specified URL, and/or determine the percentage of consumers that convert from one URL to another. You can specify location and period of time. 
Security and privacy
Data that could identify an individual mobile subscriber never leaves the mobile operators’ systems. SAP Consumer Insight 365 complies with all relevant data and privacy laws and regulations.
Mobile innovation
Use mobile consumer insights to extend your technology investments and create innovative mobile apps, wearables, and augmented reality.
Mobile Brand Value Index (mBVI) insights
Compare brands in various markets, including fashion, oral care, and more. You can drill down to display detailed insights on trends, click share, and subscriber share. 
Technical Capabilities
Data capture
Footfall is key to understanding how people get to a location, move through it, and how long they stay. Determine:
  • When people arrive or leave (entry or exit times) and how long they stay (dwell time)
  • Consumer demographics based on where they live
  • How many consumers are present at a destination or in close proximity
  • What they were doing – making calls, sending SMS or MMS messages, browsing the Web, or using a Web-enabled app

Data aggregation

  • Determine how often people visit or return to a location – once a day, once a week, etc.
  • Discover if your marketing initiatives deliver more traffic to a particular location
  • Identify and target days and times with the worst conversion rates
  • Reveal the changes or new stores that have the greatest potential to impact your business
  • Find out how one location compares with another – including competitor locations

Mobile data analytics

Leverage Clickstream technology to understand how consumers use your Web site and apps – as well as those of your competitors. Identify the most accessed Web sites and determine the navigation flow from these sites. Analyse:

  • Cohorts who are using a Web site or app
  • How the use of a Web site or app varies over time
  • How often consumers visit one page versus another
  • Which Web sites consumers go to before (or after) they visit yours
  • How all of the above varies by demographic
  • Digital advertising ROI, Web performance, and Web performance vs. competitors’



Explore licensing options for SAP Consumer Insight 365

  • SAP Consumer Insight 365 is a cloud-based service accessed through a Web-based tool. 
  • Pricing is on a per user basis.

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