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The Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business – in real time. As a result, they accelerate data-driven innovation and process automation, launch new business models, deliver exceptional experiences, and more.

How interconnected businesses exhibit leadership and resilience

A systems thinking approach applied consistently improves business performance and helps organizations navigate challenging times. Download this report for insight into key areas of progress and where improvement is needed.

Industry cloud delivers value for your intelligent enterprise

Drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth with innovative, vertical applications. Simplify the provisioning of high-value vertical solutions to drive new opportunities and rapidly address current business challenges with industry cloud.

Intelligent Enterprise Assessment

How ready is your business to become an Intelligent Enterprise? Take this short survey to pinpoint your business's strengths, weakness and actionable next steps towards building an Intelligent Enterprise.

Intelligent Buildings

Employ sensor-generated data for actionable information to optimise a building’s operation.

Building owners are feeling increased pressure to reduce operating costs, run environmentally conscious, and cater immediately to customer needs. A full view of the premises helps optimise operations to improve facility maintenance, operating costs, and building lifespan and utilisation. By centralising information from disparate sources, managers can ensure a high level of productivity, safety, and occupancy quality, despite having limited resources. Intelligent buildings address these challenges.

  • Employ sensor-generated data to enhance the occupant experience
  • Improve space optimisation with a unified map view  
  • Decrease the cost of maintenance and service with automated alerts
  • Reduce the time needed to resolve facility issues through smart ticketing

Companies adopting best practices enforced by SAP solutions obtained:

48 %

lower annual maintenance cost.

67 %

reduction in accident frequency.

17 %

increase in asset operating effectiveness.

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