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Business Integrity Screening Features

Learn about new features

Discover new fraud prevention and detection capabilities in the latest release of SAP Business Integrity Screening.

Product Capabilities

Exception detection and compliance checks

  • Analyse data from all relevant transactional systems
  • Spot suspicious activities and stop high-risk transactions
  • Receive alerts about exception scenarios relevant to your organisation 

Calibration of detection strategies

  • Use calibration and simulation features to perform what-if analysis on historical data and refine detection strategies
  • Decrease false-positive results using granular criteria to adjust detection rules
  • Analyse the performance of detection rules to assess which approaches are the most effective

Prevention and deterrence

  • Calculate risk scores and analyse exception scenarios quickly to understand how to prevent reoccurrence
  • Integrate with ERP applications to stop potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Integrate with SAP Predictive Analytics to determine which fraud prevention approaches are the most effective 

Business partner screening

  • Ensure you are not doing business with high-risk organisations
  • Screen potential business partners against lists of sanctioned parties from government agencies, international organisations, and private content providers

Associated Technology

Improve fraud detection and business partner screening by automating workflows and simplifying the user experience.

Automate workflows and notifications

Reduce manual intervention and enable a rapid response to exception scenarios, while ensuring that all appropriate stakeholders are involved in relevant tasks.

Use interactive forms

Support offline procedures with interactive forms for tasks, such as testing and sign-offs, and enable the distribution of policies and surveys.

Enable continuous control monitoring

Monitor data through scheduled processes or in real time, while integrating with SAP and non-SAP systems using connectors, Web services, or views from SAP HANA.

Detailed Product Scope

Get an in-depth view of fraud prevention features

Explore key capabilities within SAP Business Integrity Screening and the best approach to implement and configure them.

Product Road Map

Discover the way forward for fraud prevention

View the product road map to learn about the planned progression for capabilities of SAP Business Integrity Screening. 

SAP Software Accessibility

SAP is committed to delivering software that is usable by individuals with disabilities. Although our applications include many accessibility features, they are currently not fully optimised for accessibility. You may need to provide client-side, third-party assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to be used in conjunction with SAP products.

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