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Tax Management

Embedding tax in your business processes paves the way to strategic tax management and automated compliance worldwide.

Automated compliance helps lower the burden of tax management

Increased transparency helps ensure compliance and optimise tax strategies. Achieve this advantage by automating processes to drive efficient digital compliance and keep up with evolving requirements.

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Minimise the risk of noncompliance

Maintain compliance with real-time insights into your status, mitigated risks, and high-quality tax data within the system of record itself. You can run regulatory relief as a service to keep up with legal changes, address new requirements for continuous transaction controls, and fulfil digital mandates for electronic invoices, statutory tax reporting, and system-based audits beyond single transactions.

Lower the cost of compliance with automation

Standardise tax compliance processes to scale operations globally, minimise risk, and fulfil tax obligations with less effort. You can boost tax management efficiency by eliminating workarounds and offline data reconciliations or manipulations, increasing transparency for tax audits, and automating compliance tasks with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Optimise decisions to drive better tax outcomes

Create a foundation to explore new business models and foster trust with local communities and tax authorities. With a tax-sensitized source of truth, you can analyse tax burdens and make strategic tax management a part of your business decisions. This approach improves transparency and auditability, automates calculations, and facilitates decisions based on multiple scenario simulations.

Explore tax management solutions from SAP


Holistic dashboard, from e-documents to reporting 

Gain real-time insights through a centralised dashboard, so you can handle corrections and tasks accurately and quickly.

Automated e-documents and smooth corrections

Automate the transmission, digital clearance, and reconciliation of company transactions based on Peppol and local standards.

Digitised reporting, from preparation to submission

Manage and submit obligations electronically worldwide with a compliance calendar, from e-invoices to statutory reporting.  

Extensibility platform to extend and create scenarios

Create and extend scenarios in a few steps to promptly respond to emerging needs while eliminating technical debt.


Company-wide repository for tax compliance

Create, optimise, and manage your compliance checks – from value-added taxes to custom duties, and beyond.

Centralised platform for remediation activities

Streamline comprehensive remediation with one platform and facilitate tasks orchestration through an automated workflow.

Machine learning automation

Improve efficiency across simple prioritization of check failures, decision-making recommendations, and automated correction.

Systematic check of tax-relevant data

Gain reliable compliance insights by screening tax-relevant transactions in nearly real time and without ad hoc spot checks.


Tailored intelligence for plastic packaging taxes

Calculate and pay taxes while understanding performance and focus areas against voluntary commitments and corporate goals.

Monitor and manage regulations centrally

Manage global reporting for extended producer responsibility (EPR) mandates, plastic packaging taxes, and public commitments.

Mitigate regulatory risks across global markets

Analyse the environmental impact of your material choices to reduce the burden of compliance.

Future-proof against emerging requirements

Comply seamlessly as plastic packaging taxes continue to increase worldwide.


Optimised complex excise tax processes

Improve complex excise tax processes, including tracking of excisable goods movements and simplified stock-ledger reporting.

Real-time tracking and compliance

Track and document real-time transactions relevant to excise taxes and identify, adjust, and reprocess inconsistencies.

Increased efficiency and standardisation

Standardise and automate rules for excise tax determination and worldwide regulatory compliance.

Auditable proof data

Address tax authority reporting principles proactively, and enable auditable proof of data including master data and accruals.


Flexible modelling for automated calculations

Calculate income tax and tax differences, make traceable adjustments, and automate operational transfer pricing, and more.

Actionable insights

Enhance tax strategies with insight into factors such as operating margins, transfer pricing adjustments, and price impacts.

Optimised decisions through scenario simulations

Drive better business outcomes by simulating tax impacts for different scenarios and making the most tax-efficient choices.

Increased transparency and auditability

Set a comprehensive and auditable tax management system, including BEPS 2.0 reporting, with traceability to accounting data.

Event Spotlight

SAP Document and Reporting Compliance Summit 2022

Connect with customers, partners, and SAP experts to discuss evolving local and global regulations in the area of electronic document processing and statutory reporting.

September 20 and 21, 2022
Virtual and on-site in Walldorf, Germany

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