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Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Cybersecurity

Reimagine risk and compliance with integrated, automated, and embedded solutions

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Outsmart cybersecurity threats

Explore how moving to modern ERP and deployments in the cloud can help improve your security against cyberthreats.

White Paper
Drive data transparency and control in a public cloud

Learn how to manage and protect data in the public cloud, including using secure key management services.

White Paper
Safeguard your business with higher security standards

Benefit from real-time, cloud-based enterprise threat detection as a managed service.

A photo of a fingerprint scanner from a blog on holistic cybersecurity approaches
Best practice
Manage cybersecurity and protect your data

Learn why EY and SAP experts recommend a holistic approach to managing cybersecurity.

A photo of a cybercriminal accessing a laptop from a blog on managing enterprise risk
Best practice
Manage enterprise risk in remote and digital environments

Take a new approach to enterprise risk management with tips from Protiviti and SAP.

A photo of a padlock sitting on a motherboard from a blog on identity and access management
Best practice
Support people power with identity and access management

Gain new security insights with best practices shared by experts from Customer Advisory Group and SAP.

News article
Take ransomware threats seriously

Combat the latest in ransomware with insights from SAP and Onapsis.

White Paper
Take a proactive stance against cyberthreats

Learn how to better protect your business by identifying, analysing, and responding to growing threats to your core IT systems.

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Support stability with access controls

Learn how to create security across your SAP solution landscape and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Online Event
Transform your GRC organisation

Watch on-demand sessions featuring customer success stories, expert presentations, and best practice tutorials for unlocking new levels of performance and assurance.

Streamline international trade and taxes processes

Learn how to stay on top of the latest changes to trade and tax policy.

Improve resilience while managing risk and compliance

Support a “three lines” model that links operations, risk management, compliance, and internal auditing.

Tackle risks in cybersecurity, privacy, and security

fulfil new data protection and privacy requirements with automation, visibility, and control.

Online Event
Get ready for GRC and cybersecurity

Transform GRC practices by learning from a series of customer examples, expert insights, and tutorials.

Online Event
Application and information security live

Get invaluable insight on navigating cybersecurity at your intelligent enterprise during this event from T.A. Cook and SAP on October 7 and 8, 2021.

A photo of two men looking at a tablet device, representing a digital event by SAP and T.A. Cook
Online Event
Internal controls, compliance, and risk live

Rethink your approach to governance, risk, and compliance and get best practices based on real experiences at this event by T.A. Cook and SAP on October 5 and 6, 2021.

Webinar Series
Expert series on GRC and secuity solutions from SAP

Learn how to address GRC, privacy, and data protection requirements in today’s landscape.

Webinar Series
Financial transformation with SAP S/4HANA

Most finance organisations are forced to transform and optimise. Learn how SAP S/4HANA will support you to successfully manage your finance transformation.

See cybersecurity and data protection in SAP S/4HANA

Get a comprehensive look at managing the risk of cyberattacks and how they can impact your organisation's financial planning.

View identity and access governance in SAP S/4HANA

Learn of recent enhancements to SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance to significantly enhance functional scope and external connectivity.

Improve resilience while managing risk and compliance

Listen to the session from SAPPHIRE NOW for an overview and the latest priorities for managing enterprise risk and compliance.

See SAP GRC demonstrated across various business domains

View this extensive demo of how multiple SAP GRC solutions operate across various areas and functions.

Find out what happens when you integrate SAP GRC

Improve compliance, optimise audit resource use, and mitigate risk more efficiently.

Witness SAP Process Control in action

Find out how you can use SAP GRC solutions to manage all controls and compliance processes.

Discover the power of SAP Risk Management

Learn how to reduce your risk exposure and manage enterprise and operational risk.

Discover new opportunities by integrating SAP Audit Management

Tightly couple your audit to your day-to-day activities by integrating SAP S/4HANA with SAP Audit Management.

Take advantage of Adobe forms in SAP Process Control

See different options for responding to compliance and control evaluation tasks, such as through e-mail.

Automate to improve compliance processes with SAP Financial Compliance Management

Find out how this public cloud solution can help your organisation use automation to streamline financial compliance.

Take access governance to the next level with SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

See how this public cloud solution enables simpler, adaptive access governance.

Get the upper hand on cyber, privacy, and security risks

Watch the session from SAPPHIRE NOW for an overview and the latest priorities for managing cyber and privacy risks.

Get insight into your risks on one dashboard with SAP Analytics Cloud

See how SAP Analytics Cloud pulls data from across the business to provide a better view of the current status of the cyberrisks you face.

Catch suspicious activity sooner with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Gain insight into suspicious activity across your SAP software landscape and help identify breaches as they occur.

Optimise subject data rights requests using SAP Privacy Governance

Discover how SAP Privacy Governance helps manage data subject rights requests.

Enhancing privacy programmes with SAP Privacy Governance

Get an overview of how this new public cloud solution can help you establish and manage an effective privacy program.

Support international trade and tax processes

See the session from SAPPIRE NOW for an overview and the latest priorities for managing international trade and tax.

Streamline complicated processes with SAP Global Trade Services

Review this export scenario, which includes sales order management, trade compliance, and transportation planning.

Set trade preferences in SAP Global Trade Services

See how SAP Global Trade Services supports processes related to the Free Trade Agreement as part of the "Trade Preference" module.

Benefit from enhancements to sanctioned party list screening

Learn how sactioned party list screening in SAP Global Trade Compliance can block and clear a sales order for a denied party hit.

Safeguard your reputation with SAP Watch List Screening

See how this public cloud solution can help you avoid getting involved with high-risk or sanctioned businesses, individuals, and entities.

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