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SAP Ariba Discovery

Find high-quality suppliers at your fingertips with automated buyer-supplier matching, while reducing supply costs and risks.


Suppliers for any need

Discover suppliers for virtually any sourcing need, including spot buys, nonstrategic or indirect spend, and services.

Diverse supplier network

Find suppliers across a pool of global companies representing 20,000 categories, such as green, minority-owned, and women-led.

Convenient, central access

Source more categories, manage RFPs, respond to bids, and award contracts – all from a single, intuitive interface.

Rich supplier information

Rely on accurate, up-to-date supplier information. A five-star ranking system can help you make your selection decision.

[In] the second year of implementation, we achieved 23% of savings... we have more vendors that are interested to participate.

Alvaro Daniel Barrera, Strategic International Buyer, Tetra Pak

Ariba Network

Boost your sales by connecting with qualified buyers – anytime, anywhere – with the world’s largest commerce network.


Straight-through-invoice processing

Automate invoice approvals to comply with procurement policies, minimise errors, and improve invoice processing performance. 

Effective supplier collaboration

Connect with millions of suppliers to transition quickly from paper processing to e-commerce and accelerate onboarding. 

Global supplier portal

Scale your business by transacting immediately with multiple buyers, from proposal to payment, with a self-service portal. 

Management of complex services

Deliver compliant non-PO invoices with simplified account coding, contract templates, and access to recurring line items. 

Global e-invoicing compliance

Meet country-specific requirements for invoice content, format, integrity, authenticity, legibility, and archiving. 

Using Ariba Network, we have optimised purchasing process for our customers and reduced the volume of errors in orders, significantly improving the customer experience.

Giancario Rocco, E-Commerce Specialist, Finning South America  Read the customer story

SAP Ariba Catalog

Display relevant, validated, and updated procurement content to drive purchasing to preferred suppliers and buying channels.


Strong compliance

Prioritize suppliers, products, and services based on relevance to search criteria and apply contract pricing proactively. 

Fast enablement

Manage supplier catalogs – from creation to cleaning and onboarding – in multiple languages and with millions of SKUs.  

Low-maintenance catalogue management

Update your catalogs with improved accuracy and in a matter of minutes by automating verification and reducing workloads.  

Always-on support

Get the 24x7 support you need to answer critical questions through Web-based training, tutorials, and documentation. 

Catalogue services and products

Requisition any type of service for your business by collaborating with suppliers, gathering quotes, and boosting interest. 

Digitisation helped [us] reference much more products than previously [with] printed catalogs [and we can help our customers] choose the right products.

Xavier Laurent, Service Product Director, Manutan Learn how Manutan transformed its supply chain with SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog

Simplify the purchase of non-sourced goods with a trusted supply source featuring hundreds of pre-enabled suppliers.


Quick search of options

Guide users to the goods they need quickly and easily across common business categories with one intuitive search query. 

Trusted suppliers

Find high-quality, trusted suppliers in a comprehensive B2B marketplace to help your supply meet global buying demand. 

Compliant and controlled processes

Perfect your balance between user convenience and buying control by preselecting suppliers that adhere to corporate policies.

We really see Spot Buy as a solution that allows users to get that significant experience that they have come to expect as they operate on consumer sites.

Tricia Miller, Accenture  Watch the customer video

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Ariba solutions

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Eamon Ida
Director of Supplier & Network Marketing / SAP Ariba solutions

Set the stage for successful business performance

Create a harmonious procurement network by coordinating the implementation of relevant solutions with proven best practices for aligned supplier enablement.

Eamon Ida
Director of Supplier & Network Marketing / SAP Ariba Solutions

Explore supplier enhancements on Ariba Network

Learn how suppliers can communicate directly with customers, accelerate payment with e-invoices, and deploy supplier registration and qualification processes. 

Manoj Surve
Principal Consultant / Infosys Limited

Establish a more strategic approach to integration

Assess how the cloud integration gateway capability provides a future integration strategy for IT landscape simplicity, self-services, and accelerated outcomes.

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