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Implement machine learning with confidence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in SAP Data Intelligence bring IT and data science teams together by providing the ability to operationalize and manage machine learning artifacts.



Increase productivity and reduce cost with a single integrated solution that serves the needs of all users in the AI & machine learning development and deployment process.


Automatically deploy, test, and retrain models from a central cockpit.


Ensure results are trusted and verifiable, and avoid ‘black box’ approached with inexplicable outcomes.

Automated Machine Learning

Provide automated machine learning (AutoML) capabilities at the click of a button.


Pipeline generation

Automate the creation of complex machine learning pipelines with intuitive tools for configuring machine learning artifacts. 

Comprehensive workflow automation

Enable automation across machine learning workflows, from data preparation to model selection, validation, and deployment. 

Preconfigured functionality

Deploy machine learning technology without specialist data science expertise using preconfigured features.

AI and Machine Learning Operations

Automate and scale AI and machine learning projects, from creation to production.


Access to open-source data science tools

Harness open-source technology, such as JupyterLab, so data scientists use tools they know and IT understands what is built.

AI labs as a service

Access lab environments supporting SAP and open-source languages and libraries, reducing time spent on infrastructure tasks.

Insights into model performance

Track all elements of the machine learning process to understand model performance and help ensure trustworthy results.

Automation of low value tasks

Manage model performance and lifecycles automatically so IT teams and data scientists can focus on tasks that matter.

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