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SAP Data Intelligence Features

Learn about the features and capabilities SAP Data Intelligence has to offer. 

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence meets Intelligent Information Management

Explore the latest use cases for SAP Data Intelligence and how your company can benefit from our innovative data solution. 

Extend SAP Data Hub with SAP Data Intelligence

Learn how to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across your enterprise with SAP Data Intelligence, a comprehensive, fully managed cloud service that unifies scalable AI and intelligent information management.

Distributed Data Orchestration

Transform structured, unstructured, and streaming data into business insights.


Unified view of data across the enterprise

Streamline data integration, orchestration, and processing of all kinds of enterprise data across fragmented landscapes.

Flexible, reusable data pipelines

Design powerful data pipelines that use open-source and machine learning frameworks with over 200 operators.  

Centralised management of distributed data

Get visibility into all data sources and pipelines across your landscape with centralised management features. 

Automated Machine Learning

Provide automated machine learning (AutoML) capabilities at the click of a button.


Pipeline generation

Automate the creation of complex machine learning pipelines with intuitive tools for configuring machine learning artifacts. 

Comprehensive workflow automation

Enable automation across machine learning workflows, from data preparation to model selection, validation, and deployment. 

Preconfigured functionality

Deploy machine learning technology without specialist data science expertise using preconfigured features.

Data Catalog, Metadata Management, and Governance

Know your data and ensure it is fit for use with next-generation data management features.


Data catalog

Use metadata crawlers to explore, classify, and label data assets across your connected landscape.

Data lineage features

Review transformation history and metadata to quickly understand how, where, and why data has been altered.

Data profiling

Understand your data prior to performing data transformations or machine learning.

Developer Flexibility and Containerized Execution

Get intelligent processes up and running quickly with straightforward and flexible tools.


Support for open technologies and developer tools

Use a wide range of open-source and SAP technologies, including SAP HANA, Python, Apache Spark, and TensorFlow.

Simple data preparation and exploration

Prepare data using an intuitive user interface, without any technical scripting requirements.

Cloud-based architecture

Establish a flexible and modular architecture in the cloud, based on leading open-source technologies.

Bring-your-own-model capabilities

Deploy and reuse existing machine learning models and orchestrate data flows to and from them.

AI Operations and Lifecycle Management

Automate and scale AI projects, from creation to production.


Access to open-source data science tools

Harness open-source technology, such as JupyterLab, so data scientists use tools they know and IT understands what is built.

AI labs as a service

Access lab environments supporting SAP and open-source languages and libraries, reducing time spent on infrastructure tasks.

Insights into model performance

Track all elements of the machine learning process to understand model performance and help ensure trustworthy results.

Automation of low value tasks

Manage model performance and lifecycles automatically so IT teams and data scientists can focus on tasks that matter.

road map for SAP data intelligence

Product Road Map

View our road map to explore your current options, as well as planned innovations and future features and functions.

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