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CRM and CX Knowledge Center

Explore our knowledge centre for trends, research, and resources from CX experts.

Customer experience, done right

Explore the challenges keeping business leaders awake at night – and the solutions that can help transform problems into possibilities.

Experience the latest CX solutions from SAP

Get ready to meet the moment

Turn a viral social media post into stronger loyalty and higher profits by connecting business processes to the customer experience with SAP Customer Data Platform.

Drive profitable B2B e-commerce outcomes

Discover how to simplify complex B2B processes, boost profits through data-driven intelligence, and achieve business agility at scale on an enterprise-grade platform. 

Build customer loyalty and trust

See how our customer identity and consent management solutions help deliver frictionless engagements across touch points and address data privacy on a global scale. 


SAP Customer Experience LIVE

View the visionary keynote and customer sessions from SAP CX LIVE: Exec Connect.

Learn more about SAP Customer Experience solutions

View the latest articles, research, demos, and videos to understand how our CX solutions can help you address your business needs.

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