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Create a single, unified customer view

Reach out to every customer in the perfect moment. Get real-time insights to quickly develop custom omnichannel experiences. Treat customers as individuals.

Create trust through great customer experiences

Learn how technology enables you to create the kind of intelligent customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Experience deep, real-time customer insights

Test out digital transformation without completely diving in with a 30-day free trial of the SAP Marketing Cloud solution, including sample data. 

Choose your SAP software for marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud

Develop the dynamic, trusted customer profile, gain deep insights into performance, and optimise marketing in the moment while orchestrating the best-run, end-to-end customer experiences.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Consumer and customer profiling
  • Segments, campaigns, and customer journeys
  • Marketing planning, performance, and analytics 
  • Lead management and nurturing

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya

Build valued, trusted digital relationships with your customers, while addressing data protection, consumer privacy compliance, and development resources. Deliver better marketing, sales, services, and products with integrated solutions for customer identity, customer consent, and customer profile.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Customer identity management
  • Enterprise preference and consent management
  • Customer profile management 

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of marketers don’t have sufficient data and insights for effective personalisation

2018 Trends in Personalisation Survey Report

of marketers are satisfied with their personalisation efforts

2018 Trends in Personalisation Survey Report

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photo of a blogger, Berthold Wocher
Berthold Wocher
Marketing Product Management

SAP Marketing Cloud free trial

The free trial release of SAP Marketing Cloud is now available. We have prepared the trial system with plenty of data related to our model company, including our brand-new marketing apps.

photo of a blogger
Rohit Tripathi
Head of Products SAP Digital Interconnect

A roadmap for choosing customer engagement tech

While there is no shortage of channels that a company can use – how can today’s marketers wade through the noise and communicate in a trustworthy, meaningful, and impactful way that resonates with consumers?

photo of blogger
Julie Brown
Sr Director, Product Marketing
SAP Customer Experience

Marketing evolution

There’s been a marketing evolution, and personalisation has evolved into what I, and many others, call “individualization" which  means sending relevant content based on the actual individual.

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