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Accelerate business processes with a mobile card kit

Mobilize enterprise data for use in the field

Enterprise mobility plays an essential role in the improvement of organisational processes, employee performance, customer service, and many other key aspects of modern business. The mobile card kit from SAP allows businesses to mobilize content from enterprise systems out to the field seamlessly.

  • Mobile access to enterprise content 
  • Micro-app platform for publishing data
  • Passbook-style mobile card
  • Straightforward, real-time updates

Architecture for this use case

Solve the problem with SAP Cloud Platform

What is the challenge?

Companies need the ability to mobilize data and content contained in enterprise systems out to the field.

What is the solution?

The mobile card kit from SAP provides a platform for developing an application that can extract useful data at any time and from any location, so employees can work offline.

What is the outcome?

By building simple mobile apps and approval processes or workflows, users can develop new cards, so apps can be productive and data can be uploaded quickly. 

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Dive deeper into this use case

The SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center offers comprehensive information about the services needed to run this use case as well as detailed technical information. Look below to see full information regarding this use case.

Bill of materials

Learn more about  the services you will need to run this use case in the Discovery Center.

Full use case details

Gather additional technical details and implementation strategies regarding this use case.

Pricing and Packaging

Estimate your price

Customers can use the SAP Cloud Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required. Consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.

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