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Master Data Fuels the Intelligent Enterprise

Mastering data governance commands excellence throughout your business. Discover how SAP Business Technology Platform can help transform your use of data to achieve your desired outcomes faster and with less risk.

A Business Technology Platform for Data-Driven Innovation

Customers have unprecedented opportunities for innovation but still struggle to turn data into impactful business outcomes. Discover how SAP Business Technology Platform can help you turn data in value today.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud with Hyperscaler - Value Proposition

Unlock the full value of SAP HANA in the cloud and combine it with our vast array of Hyperscalers from Microsoft to Google discover how our Hyperscalers can help transform your business today.  

The Only Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise

An intelligent enterprise requires a business-ready data platform that helps you find the signal in the noise and unleash your data’s potential for better business outcomes.

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See the different portfolio solutions within SAP Business Technology Platform in action:

  • Database and Data Management solution area — learn how in-memory database management systems help you manage, govern, and integrate data to feed analytics which deliver data-driven innovation and improve business outcomes. 
  • Business Analytics solution area — learn how to turn deep insights into fast, confident decisions and accelerate growth with augmented analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing. 
  • Application Development and Integration solution area — learn how to integrate, extend, and build applications with SAP Cloud Platform to better serve customers.
  • Intelligent Technologies solution area — learn how SAP’s intelligent technologies (AI, ML, IoT), can help you create innovative business outcomes and adapt quickly to changing market demands.

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