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SAP and McKinsey

Drawing on our individual strengths, SAP and McKinsey’s strategic alliance shifts the focus from technical implementation to business transformation.

Maximising the net value of business transformations

We're merging technology modernization with strategy execution to help companies address critical challenges and drive business results.


Enterprises and CEOs across the globe are investing heavily in technology modernization for digital transformations, as it unlocks significant value across their organisations. However, the majority of organisations are failing to realise the full potential of their investments when implementing traditional approaches to enterprise platform modernization.

SAP and McKinsey help organisations transform into intelligent, sustainable, and resilient enterprises that use the power of data, networks, and partnerships to achieve business targets.

Watch the video to learn how SAP and McKinsey helped Merck KGaA, a world-leading life sciences company, identify possible complexities and develop a global ERP roadmap that resulted in an integrated business case that addressed business value and IT changes.

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Why McKinsey?

McKinsey is the leading strategy advisor on business and digital transformation. The consultancy has a vast global network of functional and industry experts, transformation specialists, and thousands of digital and analytics practitioners. McKinsey’s track record of value creation in large-scale projects is unparalleled.

Bob Sternfels
Global Managing Partner, McKinsey

Technology enables speed and it can play an outsized role in driving sustainable, inclusive growth. SAP and McKinsey’s relationship brings together strategic thinking with technical implementation, helping the boldest leaders find enduring solutions to our most urgent challenges.

Christian Klein

In a world that is constantly changing, companies must continually evolve to stay competitive. As part of that, having the right cloud ERP in place is crucial for any business to address this challenge. Building on our history of strong collaboration, our strategic alliance ensures that McKinsey and SAP can work side by side, enabling customers to derive sustained value from technology investments and tap into new areas of growth.

We offer assets and capabilities that support a variety of business areas:

SAP S/4HANA transformation

Drive your transformation journey by deploying SAP S/4HANA in a value-based approach detailed in playbooks that combines the best of proven McKinsey and SAP Activate methodologies.

Tech-enabled consulting

We converge business services, technology, and data to create holistic and actionable insights across LoB topics that accurately track and measure value from transformation initiatives.

CFO dashboard

Our real-time dashboard provides actionable insights into critical KPIs for the CFO, powered by SAP’s data integration and cloud analytics capabilities combined with McKinsey’s finance expertise.

Integrated business planning

We help clients start, scale, and drive impact from autonomous planning transformations and integrate best-of-breed capabilities in technology, processes, and management infrastructure.

Sustainable business results

Leverage a value-driven approach that drives business change and impact down to profit and loss (P&L).

Quick time to value

Accelerate value delivery in intelligent spend management, integrated business planning, sustainability, and CFO dashboards.

Fast, efficient implementation

Improve ROI from technology enablement while removing risks and accelerating implementation.

Customer Impact Stories

Simplifying a European retailer’s transformation

By defining the business vision and operating model, we helped enable a smooth, successful SAP S/4HANA transformation.

Transforming a multinational CPG supply chain

The combined expertise and strengths of McKinsey and SAP helped streamlined the supply chain of a global CPG company where more than 100 data sources were consolidated into one, reducing inventory by 27% and manual work by 60%.

Improving decision-making in the public sector

We helped bring more than 50 agencies onto a new integrated ERP system, improving transparency and decision-making.

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