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Create transparent and customer-driven supply networks with an integrated supply chain

Anticipate demand and get the right products to stores and customers at the right time. Real-time supply chain data and insights and an end-to-end logistics and fulfilment network can enable you to fulfill demand from anywhere and exceed customer expectations.

Supply Chain Data and Insights

Analyse buying patterns, predict future demand, monitor supply chain information, and track inventory in real time. You can stay informed and respond to supply chain and inventory issues quickly in order to lower costs, while responding better to customer demand. And you can collaborate better with your business partners for greater efficiency.
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SAP Customer Activity Repository

Get retail-specific availability information and sourcing information to your customers across all sales and communication channels, and group and cluster locations together to analyse performance in real time and simplify planning.

SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management

Connect your workforce, suppliers, consumers, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in real time to gain fast, accurate insights into inventory, simplify replenishment planning and allocation, and improve supply chain performance.

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Omnichannel Inventory Visibility

Achieve a near real-time view of inventory with unified data across sales and communications channels.

Location Clustering

Simplify planning and better target customers by localising assortments with real-time clustering.

Inventory Insights

Gain full visibility into your supply chain by monitoring investments and inventory performance.

Logistics Insights

Track and manage by exception in-transit inventory to improve retail supply chain performance.

Allocation and Replenishment

Manage initial push processes for products and their automatic fill-ins within the season using predefined allocation strategies. Get optimal replenishment quantities for stores and distribution centres based on anticipated customer demand and both logistical and cost-optimisation aspects, and streamline your supply chain planning process.
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SAP Allocation Management for Retail, add-on for SAP Customer Activity Repository

Automate allocation planning of seasonal merchandise products and manage initial allocation and automatic in-season fill-in by leveraging real-time business information and location clustering and distribution curve analytics.

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment for Retail

Automate multilevel replenishment calculations and get optimal order quantities for stores and distribution centres based on anticipated customer demand, current inventories, and logistical and cost optimisation aspects.

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Demand Forecasting

Unify demand forecasting to support accurate retail planning and predictive insights.

Merchandise Allocation Planning

Automate allocation planning of seasonal merchandise products to maximise service levels and sales.

Merchandise Allocation Execution

Improve the customer experience by automating allocation execution of retail inventories.

Multilevel Replenishment

Automate multilevel replenishment calculations for improved forecasting and replenishment.

Collaborative Planning and Forecasting

Share strategic information with suppliers through collaborative planning and forecasting processes.

Omnichannel Inventory and Order Response

Manage inventory accurately across many locations and gain visibility into inventory values and performance to reduce inventory costs and increase customer satisfaction by better fulfilling customer demand from stores or warehouses. Monitor margin, inventory turns, and sell through to identify top performers and issues that need attention.
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SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management

Get accurate inventory management combined with inventory valuation and automated merchandising, operations, and logistics processes. Manage and monitor stocks to keep inventory as low as possible while avoiding out-of-stock situations.

SAP S/4HANA for advanced ATP

Focus on fulfilling customer needs instead of order-fulfilment tasks with advanced order promising, and improve customer satisfaction by using real-time information on inventory to provide accurate order commitment dates.

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Inventory Management

Keep inventory as low as possible with automated posting of inbound and outbound inventory for all sites.

Stock Ledger

Gain a complete picture of inventory units and values in your stock ledger with an in-memory platform.

Order Sourcing and Product Availability

Create flexible assignments of demand to supply, supporting order management from anywhere.

Advanced Order Promising (ATP)

Focus on fulfilling customer needs instead of order-fulfilment tasks with advanced order promising.

Logistics and fulfilment

Orchestrate and optimise activities across your entire retail supply chain with solutions that integrate warehouse, transportation, and logistics management. By implementing a holistic logistics and fulfilment network, you can improve customer satisfaction, lower operational costs, and make the best possible use of assets.
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SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for extended warehouse management

Fully automate warehouse and distribution operations, including inbound processing and receipt confirmation, cross-docking, outbound processing, warehouse and storage management, physical inventory management, and workforce management.

SAP Transportation Management

Streamline all modes of transportation for domestic and international transportation processes, including comprehensive order management, transportation charge management, freight tendering, planning and optimisation, and carrier booking.

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Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse management with optimised planning and automated processes.

Transportation Management

Reduce costs and improve service by streamlining transportation management processes.

Logistics Operations

Maximise your logistics strategy and comply with regulations through a digital operations centre.

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order to ship cycle for organisations with real-time, enterprise-wide inventory visibility.

SAP Performance Benchmarking


stock-outs when book inventory and stock on hand are constantly reconciled.

SAP Performance Benchmarking


inventory carrying costs when using what-if scenarios to assess various solutions to issues.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

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