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Create a Cube Calculation View (XS Advanced)


Create a Cube Calculation View (XS Advanced)

By Lucia Subatin

Create a graphical calculation view with a cube data type.


You will learn

  • How to create a calculation view with a Cube data type
  • Use a star join to combine data from a dimension calculation view and a table
  • Perform currency conversion

Step 1: Create a new Calculation view of type Cube

Create a new calculation view in your models folder.

Create calculation view

Call it PURCHASE_ORDERS, choose CUBE as a data category and mark the flag for With Star Join

Call it PO
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Step 2: Join header and items

Drag and drop a join node and add click on the + sign to add the data sources

New Join node

Type PO and choose both PO.Header and PO.Item and click Finish.

Call it PO

Create a inner join using PURCHASEORDERID and set the cardinality as 1..n

Call it PO

In the mapping tab, add the following columns to the output: PURCHASEORDERID, HISTORY.CHANGEDAT, PRODUCT.PRODUCTID, CURRENCY and GROSSAMOUNT.


Finally, rename the node to PO.

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Step 3: Join Purchase Orders with products dimension

Connect the output of the join to the Star Join. Use the + sign to search and select PRODUCTS.

Create star join

Join the PRODUCTID and PRODUCT.PRODUCTID as an inner join.

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Step 4: Create an input parameter

In the Input Parameters tab, create an input parameter named IP_O_TARGET_CURRENCY.


Configure it as NVARCHAR, length 3 with a Semantic type of Currency.
Flag it as mandatory and set a default value of USD.

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Step 5: Configure semantics for currency conversion

Go into the mapping tab and double click on the PO parent node to add all of the fields to the output. Add the GROSSAMOUNT a second time.


Change the name of the duplicate column to OriginalGrossAmount.


Click the semantics node and assign semantics for GROSSAMOUNT.


Choose Amount with Currency Code and configure as follows:

  • Display Currency: column, choose GROSSAMOUNT_CURRENCY
  • Check the Conversion and Decimal shift boxes

Click on the definition tab and use the following configuration


Save the view.

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Step 6: Build and preview

Build the db module and return to the database explorer


Navigate to the column view, right-click on it and select Open Data.

Final view
What happens when you execute the view?

Updated 09/06/2018

Time to Complete

15 Min.

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