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The Rise of the Chief Anticipation Officer

Leading a Future-Ready Mindset Shift

Anticipating the Future for Growth and Innovation

Less than a third of Asia Pacific businesses are well prepared for disruption amid increased focus on future-readiness

New global research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has found that more than nine in ten (92%) of businesses in Asia Pacific (APAC) say that an adaptive culture and continuous employee upskilling is very important, though only 30% say their organisation is very prepared for unexpected changes or disruptions. 

Planning For Future-Readiness

Read this simple infographic to visualise the steps to anticipating the future.

It’s time to start anticipating the future

The speed of change is only increasing. Leaders need to create clarity and purpose for how people work, how organisations do business and how businesses operate. Is your company prepared for the future? Make transformation central to your journey.

Redesigning Your Supply Chain for Resilience: webinar replay

Webinar replay: Redesigning Your Supply Chain for Resilience

The pandemic has brought greater awareness of supply chains and revealed key trends across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region

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