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Tackling what lies ahead, together

Citizens, businesses and government face unprecedented challenges with the coronavirus epidemic. At SAP, we recognize these global challenges and in these extraordinary times, we are opening access to our technology solutions to help businesses address these concerns:

  • Employee and Traveler Safety (Are my employees safe and empowered? Can I manage my total workforce and assess their risk and communicate to them safely?  
  • Business Continuity (The situation is forcing organizations of every size and description to dust off their emergency response and business continuity playbooks)
  • Learning & Collaboration (How can businesses remove barriers between teams to prevent information silos as employees work remotely?)
  • Supply Chain & Alternative Sourcing (How can businesses minimize disruption caused by shipment delays, capacity issues and increased consumer demand in times of crisis?)

Get started with some of these tools and technologies

With business travel becoming restricted, events cancelled, workplaces disrupted, and supply chains weakened, how can you continue to run with business continuity? Check out these tools curated by SAP to help you cope with these challenging times.

COVID-19 Pre-screen and Routing

SAP Qualtrics will be offering complimentary use of the Covid-19 Prescreen and routing solution to federal, state and local governments and public health organizations.  

Travel Disruption: Concur TripIt Pro Free Offer

SAP Concur is offering to help anxious travelers navigate these developments around the Covid Situation. Between March 13 and April 14,  download the TripIt app and receive TripIt Pro for six months.

Supply Chain: Open Access to SAP Ariba Discovery

SAP Ariba is providing free access to the world’s largest business network till June 2020, so any buyer can post their immediate sourcing needs and any supplier can respond to show they can deliver.

Remote Work Pulse

As entire companies move to working remotely, the Remote Work Pulse helps you understand if your organization is prepared for this shift, and if your employees have what they need to succeed.

Telework Management: Ruum Collaboration Tool

SAP is offering free use of Ruum, a powerful lightweight project management and collaboration tool to help business and government workers telework more effectively. 

Manage your contingent workforce

Expect a major disruption to the way businesses operate. Mitigate this by gaining visibility over your external workforce to optimize and mobilise your external resources for increased agility and outcomes.

Automate core tasks for business continuity

Leverage on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to manage the effects of an outbreak to automate core tasks – from automating workflows to collate travel declarations, send alerts, answer support tickets etc.

Automate inquiries with chatbots

In times of uncertainty, expect plenty of questions from your employees and customers. With SAP Conversational AI, automate your business processes to answer urgent queries about their current situation. 

Social distancing can’t stop the learning!

Turn it into a fun virtual experience with SAP’s learning resources

Remote Readiness & Effectivity Academy

To help support businesses having to work remotely, SAP Litmos is offering a completely free Remote Readiness & Effectivity Academy till June 2020, with training content to help establish best practices for remote work.

The latest on-demand and live webinars

We aim to bring you the latest and greatest so check out the ongoing live webinars and on-demand webcasts to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations from SAP.

Classroom Training with the Latest Video Technology

SAP Live Class brings participants together in a virtual classroom, where they receive training from an expert via a live video link.  Check out the additional SAP Live Class offerings for 2020!

Check out these resources on managing your workforce in times of crisis

Three benefits of Concur Locate

Protect employees by staying aware of events and travel itineraries. Whether it’s a simple change of plans or an emergency, Concur Locate enables you to fulfil your duty of care. 

Three Benefits of Fieldglass

Crises can happen anytime and anywhere. Are you prepared for it? Are you equipped with the right tools and technologies to keep your entire workforce safe and healthy while ensuring business continuity? 

Staying connected to citizens during a public health crisis

Check out this Qualtrics blog to learn how governments can provide timely information, communicate strategically, and stay connected and engaged with their citizens and employees.

How do you create compelling customer experiences in challenging times?

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How can companies thrive in a world where customers themselves specify the terms of the relationship, but then let AI guide their buying journey?

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