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Customer Support

Deliver wow-worthy customer service and rub virtual shoulders with IT and software experts around the world – with a career in SAP support. Join an on-site support team, work remotely, develop new services – whatever you want to do, you can do it at SAP.

Wanted: knights in shining armor 

At SAP, we’re relentlessly focused on our customers – and that’s one of biggest reasons why we’ve been growing for over 40 years. As part of our support team, you’ll make sure SAP products deliver on their promises. Develop and execute technical support programs, act as a customer advocate, advise on product performance and maintenance, and more. 


Be part of an incredible support system

There are four different career paths to choose from in SAP support – and one might be just right for you. Check them out below. 

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What does support look like at SAP?

Get to know some of our best-selling support solutions – and learn about the overarching support organization at SAP. 

SAP Solution Manager

This integrated platform helps customers adopt new innovations, manage application lifecycles, and monitor solutions in real time. The biggest benefits? Increased system reliability and lower TCO. 

SAP MaxAttention

SAP MaxAttention is our premium support offering. It provides customers with customized, collaborative, and in-depth support for IT projects and programs that take place over multiple years. 

SAP ONE Support Launchpad

The launchpad provides customers with a single access point to all SAP support tools. It offers a personalized, tile-based user interface that displays applications, real-time KPIs, tasks, and more. 

SAP Support Organization

Learn more about the SAP Support organization and the services we offer – including hot lines, support and maintenance plans, embedded teams, strategic partnerships, co-innovation, and more. 

See what our customers are saying


Learn how this tech giant migrated SAP Business Warehouse to the SAP HANA platform, stabilized their system for creating price quotes, and cloned 40 production SAP software systems with minimal downtime – using SAP MaxAttention. 

The people behind SAP

customer support

Put your profiles to work

Check out SAP’s #LifeatSAP social feeds and channels – and get to know us on a more personal level. 

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University programs

How do we keep our entrepreneurial spirit? We hire millennials and young professionals who think differently and push businesses to do things smarter and more sustainably. Check out our university programs to get a head start. 

Life at SAP

We go to great lengths to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed – in your own way. Flourish in an environment that encourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. Learn how we operate, innovate, work, play, and give back – to make sure we’re the right fit for you.


Want to work in your hometown, on the other side of the world, or somewhere in between? SAP has offices on most continents, in more than 130 countries – and we’re continuously expanding our presence in new and exciting places. 
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