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Vu's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

I work in our Newport Beach office and the environment is very much like a start-up. What we are doing is new and we work at pace on the latest and greatest technologies.

Vu Ngo 

Vu Ngo grew up on a farm in Vietnam and migrated to the US as a refugee at 18, unable to speak English and from a culture very different to that of the US.

Where I grew up, we had no water or electricity running to the house. When I came to the US I had to learn not only the language, but the culture and customs. In the US the culture is very polite. People say “thank you” and have friendly conversation. It was not like this in Vietnam, so I had to learn these interactions and keep reminding myself to say thank you so I did not appear rude. I even said thank you to a police officer when he gave me a ticket once! You take for granted these interactions but learning to not give a literal and detailed answer to the question “how are you doing” is something I had to learn through working with different people. Communication is very important to me, and this is one of the reasons I became a manager.

My first job was as a dishwasher at Pizza Hut so that I could support myself through high school. My career choice then became about being able to get a job easily. I studied electrical engineering as people with those skills were in high demand at the time. Whilst I was studying I took some computing courses and really enjoyed them. This led to me doing a double major and studying software development. I am a very logical person – I play chess - and so software development was a good path for me.


I have worked for large companies in the aviation and technology industries, as well as mid-sized recognizable brand names and many start-ups. I joined SAP as an engineering manager in 2020. What I like about SAP is that it is a company that cares about employees and actively promotes all types of diversity. Before I applied to SAP I looked at Glassdoor. People can be quite negative on there, but the SAP reviews were very positive. I knew the company I was working for was great, but SAP’s score was even better. I think it’s because there is a strong collaborative culture here and you know that HR really care about people.

I work in our Newport Beach office and the environment is very much like a start-up. What we are doing is new and we work at pace on the latest and greatest technologies. At times this can be stressful because everything is new and many people that have joined us in the past year are from a start-up background and are used to this environment.


I am based in Newport Beach, California and work with colleagues around the world. This can mean early mornings or late nights on calls, but this doesn’t matter when you enjoy your work. I try and get some downtime during the day and play guitar to relax me. Often on calls I am working at a standing desk and doing stretches to keep my body mobile.

In my role I manage teams and enable developers to ship code quickly and safely by building scalable infrastructure and reliable delivery pipeline and release orchestration for more frequent feature-based releases. Wherever I work, my team is always the favorite team. We enable other to become more productive and as a team are very bonded and selfless. Everyone is always happy to help others and we are continually learning and striving to be the best we can be, and I am proud to have built a great team where we all embrace differences and help each other to shine in our own unique way. I have many interns and people on fellowships from within SAP on my team. Having interns gives a fresh perspective, and fellows provide legacy SAP knowledge to a team that is relatively new.

I have a great working partner in Miles Chen who is on our Shanghai team. During my first few weeks, he made it his priority to make sure that I am familiar with the technology and infrastructure. He took his time to guide me and coach my team to understand the purpose of each internal tool and the reasons behind the different design choices. He is extremely knowledgeable about infrastructure and he has always been supportive to help me and my team becoming more self-sufficient.

Vu Ngo and Miles Chen are working together to build a platform for SAP’s Industry Cloud team that supports cloud native development on top of Kubernetes, with a roadmap to roll this out across SAP in the future. The way they are building SAP products to day is shaping the way SAP will build products tomorrow.

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