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Measure impact and drive performance – at less cost – with SAP Sustainability Performance Management software

With our sustainability performance management software, you not only automate data collection for credible reporting, but also improve business performance by cascading strategic goals and providing insight across the organization. The result? Sustainability becomes a business driver, not just a stand-alone reporting effort.

  • Track and communicate sustainability performance
  • Focus on increasing returns and executing strategy
  • Strengthen your brand via transparency and accountability
  • Reduce the time and cost of gathering data
  • Improve reporting accuracy and usability

What's included

Reliable Disclosures
Manage multiple reporting frameworks, standards, and KPIs – including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) copyright-protected content.
Data Collection
Apply guided procedures for gathering quantitative and qualitative data on your company’s sustainability performance.
Performance Management
Set and align your sustainability KPIs against corporate objectives and risks. Turn your data into action for improving financial and sustainability performance.
SAP Sustainability Performance Management, Edge Edition*
Track and report sustainability performance, set goals, and monitor progress – while reducing the time and cost of collecting data and compiling disclosures.  Manage multiple sustainability reporting frameworks, standards, and KPIs
  • Align sustainability KPIs with corporate objectives and risks
  • Apply guided procedures for gathering all types of sustainability data
  • Integrate with other SAP applications to leverage critical performance data

*sold separately

Leverage critical business data and operational processes – whether using the software as a standalone or integrated with other SAP software.
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