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Why human experience management (HXM) is the future of HR

Learn the five reasons why HCM is no longer sufficient to improve life at work, and why HXM is on the rise.

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Building future-capable workforces

SAP has compiled significant research insights that we believe can meaningfully and uniquely contribute to the conversation surrounding technological disruption and the modern skills imperative.

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Gain insights into the future of work

The future of work has arrived, and businesses and employees are adapting and learning what it takes to be resilient.


How artificial intelligence (AI) can end harmful human bias

People tend to make sense of the world by looking for patterns, filtering them through what we think we already know, and making decisions accordingly. When we talk about handing decisions off to AI, we expect it to do the same, but better.

Building the case for employee experience driving business results

According to the Thrive XM Index 2020 Report, companies that prioritized employee experience performed better once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and many of them actually grew. Learn why investing in people makes a difference.

New workforce challenges emerge as remote work expands

A survey by Oxford Economics and SAP reports that post-pandemic, human resource managers expect to be faced with a divided workforce of remote and on-site workers, leading to challenges with balancing employee needs, organizational goals, policies, and culture.

Upskill and reskill your workforce to adapt to change

Building future-capable workforces demands attention to strategy, planning, and individualized experiences.

Creating a strategic workforce plan: A guide to addressing your skills gap

While companies will employ different workforce strategies, the overall objective is the same: be smart, strategic, and nimble. Learn five tips that can be used as a starting point for developing your comprehensive workforce strategy.

Why it’s important to upskill and reskill your workforce

The challenge for HR professionals isn’t simply identifying skill gaps and deciding whether to hire or train workers. It’s about quantifying the impact, reassessing, then quantifying again, followed by another reassessment.

How to upskill staff – from strategy to practical steps

Along with implementing a strategic workforce strategy, organizations can take five practical steps to support effective employee training and professional development. 

Thrive Global and SAP: Keeping employees safe and ensuring business continuity

Together, Thrive Global and SAP are helping companies of any size and industry navigate this unprecedented time with less stress and more mental resilience—keeping employees safe and productive to ensure business continuity.

Creating a healthy and positive work experience

Work has changed. This guide provides the tools you need to support your employees' emotional and mental health, whether working remotely, in-office, or a combination of both.

Leading with agility, resilience, and a growth mindset

Reskilling and upskilling your workforce may be critical to business continuity. Learn how you can help employees manage stress and build resilience with a growth mindset during this process. 

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Help ensure regulatory compliance

See how you can deliver compliance training and leverage compliance reporting to reduce risk.

Increase learner engagement

Find out how employees and partners can benefit from a user-friendly learning environment. 

Access a library of HR resources

Search the latest HR articles and research by content type or topic: future of work, HR technology, employee experience, and HR operations and best practices.

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