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Unlock the full potential of SAP solutions in the cloud

Become an intelligent enterprise with a scalable, secure service that provides production availability across the application and infrastructure landscape, functional and technical services, and the control you expect on premise with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.
  • Privately managed cloud deployment
  • Adaptable, scalable operating model
  • Less time and cost required to go live
  • Comprehensive functional and technical services    

Key Benefits

Innovate at your own pace, on your own terms

Focus on growing your business – not just keeping the lights on – by running SAP solutions in a managed cloud environment.

Adapt and scale your operating model with ease

Modernize and advance capabilities and service levels within a more rationalized, intelligent enterprise architecture.

Lower the time and cost of going live

Use a coordinated managed-service model, equipped with prebuilt tools and designed to shorten implementation cycles and deliver results faster.

Key Features

Predefined service levels and IT stability

  • Benefit from production availability that spans the entire IT and application landscape
  • Stay in control of your deployment of SAP HANA
  • Take advantage of service levels better than on-premise deployments 

Unmatched expertise running SAP HANA Cloud

  • Gain confidence and eliminate risks associated with implementing SAP HANA
  • Apply our expertise to remove the burden of running daily management tasks for SAP HANA
  • Focus more on evolving your digital business

Technical, application, and functional services

  • Reduce operational complexity and unforeseen risks
  • Fast-track the ROI from modernizing SAP software investments
  • Manage all daily activities with the flexibility to request services when needed

Innovation through integrated cloud solutions

  • Future-proof digital investments and reduce complexity
  • Personalize existing applications or choose from more than 1,000 prebuilt applications from SAP partners
  • Integrate SAP applications in the cloud seamlessly

Exceptional performance from hyperscalers

  • Boost flexibility by using a choice of secure cloud infrastructures offered by select hyperscale providers
  • Deploy an integrated hybrid environment to accelerate your path to SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Design, configure, integrate, and deploy SAP S/4HANA Cloud rapidly

Scoping of industry and business processes

  • Emulate on-premise business processes by mirroring the same industry processes for SAP S/4HANA
  • Run federal business processes in the cloud, certified by National Security Services
  • Apply SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as the managed private cloud vehicle

See how customers are succeeding with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Reducing IT costs with a stable, scalable solution

See how AES gained a powerful platform that boosts transactional performance and eases the deployment of intelligent technology.

What are analysts saying about SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?

Savings and benefits of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Examine how SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud increases operational efficiency, reduces risk, and improves system reliability, based on Forrester research.

Choose the right option for your business needs

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Run SAP HANA applications in a secure, private managed cloud environment.

  • Get on the path to cloud readiness and SAP HANA adoption
  • Deploy a scalable, secure private managed cloud to accelerate your path to SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Boost flexibility by leveraging an SAP data center or your choice of secure cloud infrastructures offered by Azure, AWS, and GCP

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition

Move your data to the cloud, without moving your data center with, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition to run your SAP solutions..

  • Benefit from a subscription-based, agile cloud experience and concierge managed services
  • Address specific sovereignty and data privacy requirements, or lack of access to SAP data centers and hyperscaler options
  • Choose from infrastructure supplier partners Lenovo, HPE, and VMware 

Get Started

Jump-start your implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.


Transform your business quickly and effectively by taking advantage of our holistic service and support plans, expert consulting services, custom application development, proven best practices, and deep industry and technical knowledge.


Help keep your SAP solutions running at peak performance with our IT experts and support services, including long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology support, self-service portal, and innovation strategies.

Security and compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, while keeping your data safe and reliable. SAP takes a proactive, predictive approach to maintaining compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is a private managed cloud?

Answer:  A fully managed, scalable, and secure private cloud offering designed to fast-track cloud adoption, control costs, minimize risk, and take the burden off your IT team. 

Question: What is the difference between SAP S/4HANA on a hyperscaler and infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?

Answer:  One difference is that SAP S/4HANA on a hyperscaler of the customer’s choosing offers the customer full-stack cloud application services, whereas the hyperscaler alone will only manage the physical infrastructure requirement. With SAP S/4HANA on a hyperscaler, you will have one SLA for the entire solution stack. With just the hyperscaler, it will be just the infrastructure SLA.

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