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SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText

Drive productivity and efficiency – with archiving and document access software

Store, archive, and retrieve all types of documents – spreadsheets or e-mails, structured or unstructured, SAP or third-party – used in SAP processes and applications.

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Automated archiving

Manage your increasing volume of data while reducing costs and meeting stiffer government regulations. Available in both on-premise and cloud editions enabling data storage flexibility with continued access.

Product use case demo

Understand how you can leverage SAP Archiving and Document Access in your organization. View this demo to see a complete step by step example how a sales person would use this application in their everyday job activities.

Product video

SAP Archiving and Document Access will help increase process efficiency and user productivity.  Get a single point of access to business documents across all of your SAP process and applications.

Key Benefits

SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText can help keep your data and documents access-ready – maximizing productivity and efficiency for a low TCO.

Jump-start your SAP solution implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.
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