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Use Case for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Stop drug counterfeiting with pharmaceutical network and integration

Connect and collaborate to reduce compliance cost

Manage and protect data flow to prevent the theft of your intellectual property by using SAP Cloud Platform Integration to share information collaboratively through SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences. Enable pharmaceutical supply chain members to uniquely mark, verify, track, and trace products, while lowering compliance costs.

  • One connection to share data across the network
  • Onboarding and data mapping services from SAP
  • Ease of messaging across the network
  • Shareable serialization and associated traceability data

Solve the problem with SAP Cloud Platform

What is the challenge?

Intellectual property infringement in the pharmaceutical industry is an issue of increasing scale and importance with estimated annual revenue losses of €27 billion in Europe alone.

What is the solution?

Securely connect with supply chain partners, wholesalers, points of dispense, and legislative authority using SAP Cloud Platform Integration and SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences.

What is the outcome?

Remain compliant, lower data security costs, operate as any entity in the supply chain, and exchange information with all network trading partners without changing your configuration.

A clipboard stating the bill of material

Bill of material for SAP Cloud Platform licensing

See what SAP Cloud Platform components you may need for your use case.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Orchestrate business processes and integrate data in real time. Licensing metrics are instances and connections – each instance has 3 connections, 10 GB per month.

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication

Access data anywhere, on any device, with secure authentication and single sign-on for users in the cloud. Licensing metrics are logon blocks of 100 per month.

SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences

Exchange large volumes of data and messages that come in different formats to fulfill quality and regulatory requirements.

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Validate products, integrate processes, and communicate with regulatory bodies to minimize the costs of maintaining compliance and support a secure supply chain.


Manage data storage and federation with this next-generation PaaS to access information without requiring it to be loaded into a single storage solution.

Pricing and Packaging

Estimate your price

Customers can use the SAP Cloud Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required. Consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.

See additional options and products


Harness the power of data and accelerate trusted, outcome-driven innovation by developing intelligent and live solutions for real-time decisions and actions.

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