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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Key Benefits

To stay a step ahead of demand, you need a powerful platform that supports and integrates all of your supply chain planning activities.

Product Capabilities

Learn how SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff

Functional Capabilities

SAP APO is structured into four modules that can be used and licensed separately:


Demand planning (DP) 

  • Comprehensive demand forecasting tool-set
  • Highly configurable planning books with macro functionality
  • Lifecycle, promotion, and collaborative demand planning


Supply network planning (SNP)

  • Integrate purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation
  • Product flow planning along the entire supply chain, with consideration for constraints and penalties
  • Planning for different levels of detail, including aggregated planning
  • Choice of heuristic-, rule-, or optimization-based algorithm
  • Advanced safety stock planning algorithms


Production planning and detailed scheduling (PP/DS)

  • Multi-level production planning
  • Capable-to-promise (CTP)
  • Choice of existing or custom heuristics
  • Support for lot quantity calculations and sourcing
  • Support for: make-to-stock, make-to-order, make-to-order with order BOM, engineer-to-order, project manufacturing,
    and flow manufacturing
  • Order pegging


Global available-to-promise (gATP)

  • Seamless integration with other SAP applications/components
  • Global availability checks on defined documents within a defined scope
  • Rules-based ATP using product or location substitution strategies
  • Product allocation for controlling commitments to key customers
  • Backorder processing
  • Multi-level ATP for triggering BOM explosion and performing component checks
  • Capable to promise (CTP) - call production planning (PP/DS)
Technical Capabilities

Learn how SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization makes it easier for IT to integrate, extend, and deploy an advanced planning system:


Object-based and object-oriented programming
Get IT up and running quickly with the application's familiar object-based and ABAP-type programming.


Integration approach

Communicate with SAP ERP via build-in middleware CIF. Communicate with components in SAP SCM or 3rd-party systems via SAP Remote function calls, SAP ALE technology, and Web services.


Data model

The SAP APO architecture follows the classical separation of data access, presentation, and actual functional layers.


Business add-in
Add specific logic via open interfaces.


Data persistency
Store transactional data, such as orders and time series, within an object-oriented, in-memory liveCache.

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