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High Tech

Accelerating innovation while handling chip shortages and supply chain challenges is essential in the high tech industry.

Navigating change in the high tech industry

New technologies are enabling innovation and adaptability in the high tech electronics, software, hardware, OEM, and semiconductor industries.

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Everything-as-a-service (XaaS) models

XaaS and consumption-based business models are on the rise, with many high tech companies now selling outcomes instead of products.

Chip shortages and supply chain disruptions

The chip shortage, the pandemic, and war have exposed major holes in tech supply networks. Leaders need end-to-end visibility to adapt.

Focus on customer intimacy

Innovation alone isn’t enough. Tech companies must compete on customer intimacy, leveraging deep insights to gain – and keep – trust.

Smart digital products

More customers are demanding smart digital products that can dynamically adapt to market, consumer, usage, and environmental needs.

Innovative solutions for the high tech industry from SAP and partners

Solutions that address specific high tech industry needs help you achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.


Supercharge your high tech company with intelligent ERP. SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help you innovate with the latest technologies and improve decision-making with advanced analytics.

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

Synchronize supply chain planning in real time, ensure continuity in times of disruption, and manage demand profitably with predictive and what-if analysis.

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

Build and monetize outcome- or service-driven business models rapidly with software that supports recurring and usage-based revenue and subscription management.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Execute smart manufacturing processes, analyze production and business data in real time, and integrate all systems with a cloud-based MES based on Industry 4.0.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Improve the health and performance of your physical assets and equipment with the IoT, advanced and predictive analytics, machine learning, and mobile tools. 

TeamViewer Frontline Augmented Reality

Empower your deskless workforce with augmented reality-based software, smart glasses, and mobile tools – and improve everything from assembly to field service. 


Navigating the semiconductor shortage

Maintain business continuity with better visibility, insight, and collaboration.

What are the leading analysts saying about SAP?

Building value networks for a sustainable future

Learn how organizations are incorporating a sustainable philosophy into their business and technology transformations. SAP and Oxford Economics surveyed 1,935 senior executives, including 215 from the high tech industry.

Increase impact with a digital transformation

Research from Futurum reveals how high tech businesses can use digital transformation to create more efficient and productive operations.

Investing in service-based models

Explore initiatives and projects that leverage software technology to transform internal processes for high tech and industrial manufacturing companies.

Explore how we can help your high tech business run better


Linear high tech supply chains can be transformed into responsive supply and demand networks by using technologies, such as AI and blockchain, to maximize visibility and minimize disruption. 

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility and collaboration
  • Greater sustainability and support for circular models
  • Integrated demand, response, and supply planning 
  • Supply chain execution and high tech logistics
  • Sales, inventory, and operations planning


Shifting to outcome-based selling and supporting new as-a-service and subscription-based revenue models can increase profits. Our high tech industry solutions can help you provide performance-based billing, allow for quick configuration, and sell on any channel. 

  • Support for outcome-based solution offerings
  • Omnichannel selling
  • Rapid product configuration and variant costing 
  • Subscription and usage-based billing 
  • Cash flow management


With high tech industry solutions that can help you speed up design and production cycles, minimize the cost of goods sold, and build products with smaller carbon footprints, you can be first to market with innovative, sustainable high tech products. 

  • Fast time to market and high profit margins 
  • Product portfolio and project management
  • Product development and compliance
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Collaborative design and project networks


Complex products can be built quickly and sustainably with smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies. Our high tech industry solutions can help you optimize production, transportation, and warehousing – and ensure quality and compliance.

  • Industry 4.0 manufacturing operations and execution
  • Advanced analytics and manufacturing automation
  • Optimized asset operations and equipment maintenance
  • Manufacturing sustainability and reduced emissions


By leveraging insights from across the customer journey – from initial requirements to product usage to installed-base renewal cycles – you can improve high tech customer service and intimacy.

  • Personalized omnichannel customer service
  • Delivery of products as a service
  • Tailor-made service offerings
  • One contract for all offerings, subscriptions, and services
  • Network for product data collaboration


Big Data insights can help you reach the right customers with the right offers at the right time – on their channel of choice. Our solutions can help you personalize high tech marketing interactions, create compelling campaigns, and drive growth.

  • Single view of customers
  • Guided marketing recommendations
  • AI-driven predictions and scoring
  • Consent-based marketing practices
  • Omnichannel campaign management

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