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Enterprise Asset Management

Optimize your energy supply chain by integrating processes and information

Keep your energy supply chain running at peak performance and make more informed decisions with full transparency and control over processes and costs.
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Portfolio and Project Management

Developing new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions.

Asset Operations and Maintenance

Streamline asset retention and restoration maintenance for optimal performance of required functions.

Asset Performance Management

Connect digitally with a central data foundation across all assets to perfect reality from design to operation.

Asset Collaboration

Institute collaborative network services among business partners for managing equipment, sharing asset information and asset performance.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Reduce environment, health, and safety risks to help ensure safety and business continuity.

Portfolio and Project Management

Optimize capital ROI and balance risks and rewards by improving visibility and delivering targeted, objective perspectives to the right audience.
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SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Complete quality work on schedule and within budget with project portfolio management software that gives you robust tools to centrally manage the full project lifecycle, from forecasting and planning to tracking and accounting.

SAP Enterprise Project Connection

Gain an end-to-end view of your portfolio and project management environment with access to all relevant project information – integrated from back-end systems, such as finance and HR – in one solution that’s easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

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Idea Management

Translate your best ideas into successful, innovative products, services, and business models.

Portfolio Management

Align portfolios with strategy while analyzing risk and performance in real time with SAP S/4HANA.

Project Management

Plan, execute, and monitor projects in real time to minimize deviations in schedule, cost, and scope.

Project Resource Management

Identify the optimal resources required to budget, plan, and execute projects with SAP S/4HANA.

Commercial Project Management

Plan and monitor commercial aspects of projects integrated with logistic and financial processes.

Asset Performance Management

Connect digitally with a central data foundation across all assets to perfect reality from design to operation.

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SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management

Measure and improve the performance of your assets and enhance maintenance strategies with the SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management application, part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution portfolio.

SAP IoT Application Enablement

Leverage a complete set of mircoservices designed to build powerful apps and leverage data storage to deliver real-time insights with the SAP IoT Application Enablement toolkit. 

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Asset Strategy and Performance

Analyze critical performance of assets and optimize maintenance strategies.

Asset Prediction and Optimization

Eliminate unplanned asset downtime with predictive maintenance and optimized service.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Mitigate environment, health, and safety risks by testing controls, capturing incidents, and learning from events to support intelligent, continuous change.

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EHS Incident Management

Identify and resolve safety issues and learn from incidents.

Environment Management

Reduce your environmental impact with comprehensive environment management.

Health and Safety Management

Reduce risks by taking a proactive approach to health and safety management.

Maintenance Safety and Permit to Work

Control maintenance work through clear safety instructions and permits.

Management of Change

Manage operational changes with thorough review, risk mitigation, and documentation approval.

Connected Worker Safety

React quickly when and if a hazardous situation arises involving your workforce.

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of organizations use standardized templates to drive project management process maturity.

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reduced operating effort for billing and invoicing, due to integrated data.

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of companies invest in eco-efficiency to reduce environmental impact.

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