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Customer Snapshot: Overview

One of the 5 biggest retailers in Europe

Eldorado has over 700 stores throughout Russia (including 250 franchise stores), and a large online presence. It is the largest consumer electronics and domestic appliances retailer in Russia. The company focuses on innovations in the consumer shopping experience and customer service.


€2,398 million

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Platform and Technology, Marketing, Service, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), SAP HANA, SAP hybris B2B Commerce, SAP hybris B2C Commerce, SAP Planning for Retail

Moscow, Russia

Customer Website

Implementation Partners


Customer Snapshot: History

Rapid Growth in a Short 20 Years

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Targeting the Growing Russian Middle Class

Eldorado's strategy focuses on the mass market of the middle class consumer, which represents the majority of the Russian population. Eldorado is present in every city with population of 500,000 and more than 90% of the cities with population between 250,000-500,000. Eldorado is rated in the Top-5 consumer electronics retailer in Europe, and Top-10 in the world. The company has expanded their target market to include premium formats and internet retailing—operating primarily through Eldorado branded stores.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A New World for Russian Consumers

Eldorado is the flagship of consumer electronics retailers in Russia. They are helping to create a new world for individual consumers – bright and filled with high quality products.

The Challenge


One System for Faster and Better Results

With new technologies from SAP, Eldorado is aiming to provide even faster responses, faster delivery, and better prices for its customers. The retailer recently transferred all their customer databases into SAP CRM. Beforehand, the data was spread over different systems.

Investing more in online business and focusing on our customer.

Enter SAP

Fresh Technology from an Industry Leader
With new technologies from SAP, Eldorado is providing faster responses, faster delivery, and better prices for their customers. The retailer recently transferred all customer databases into SAP CRM. Eldorado also selected hybris OmniCommerce for retail.
With hybris, the company expects to enhance their multi-channel commerce, enable tracking all customer activities and combine this information across channels to service the customer even better.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Teamed Up with Big Blue

Eldorado has a close relationship with IBM, and so the combination of SAP and IBM was ideal for the SAP HANA implementation.

HANA was always a very clear choice. 

Better Business

Closing In on Customer Relations

Now all of Eldorado’s customer data is pulled into SAP CRM. This helps Eldorado to know and understand their customers better. SAP Customer 360 enables Eldorado to get even closer to their customers. SAP BW on SAP HANA has decreased the time of cost allocation in the closing period from a four-day run down, to four hours.

We can give the customers what they really want.

SAP Planning for Retail ensured that the company could cover all performance gaps that they had before and achieve better results. Because SAP Planning for Retail is based on SAP HANA, it gave Eldorado a better structure and ensured better methods and faster results.

Better Business: Benefits

Quick Access to Knowledge = Buying Power

Eldorado is one of the world’s leading retailers, and always seeks state-of-the-art business products and practices. SAP Planning for Retail software is now integrated into Eldorado’s logistics and purchasing processes. Their buyers currently work directly with Eldorado’s Planning for Retail tools, which gives them better insights to analytics, and the knowledge they need to make the right purchases.

Journey Ahead

More Options for Customers

Eldorado will continue to give their customers more options, offer choices the customers didn’t have before, and ensure that they are only offering products that are in demand.

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