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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Managing more than 2 million acres of protected lands around the world

For 115 years the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has worked tirelessly to protect the wild things of the planet. With a focus on saving endangered places and species, WCS manages about 500 conservation projects in more than 60 countries. WCS also recognizes the importance of education in keeping these issues at the forefront; as part of that initiative, WSC runs 5 parks and zoos in New York that welcome more than 4 million visitors each year.

Wildlife Conservation Society

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Public Sector

New York City, New York, USA

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Implementation Partners
Sita Corporation

Line of Business
Human Resources, Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Business All-in-One

Customer Snapshot: History

WCS’ story began in the early 1900’s when they successfully helped the American bison recover on the Western Plains in the United States. Today, the organization protects many of the world’s iconic creatures here and abroad, including gorillas in the Congo, tigers in India, and ocean giants in our world’s amazing seascapes.

The Challenge

Creating a Global System in a World of Silos

In 2011, WCS decided it needed a solution that would help them integrate systems and optimize their organization. Until that point WCS worked in silos— from HR to Finance to their Grants Departments—and was mostly managed with information from different spreadsheets. Additionally, all 43 global locations were running on their own systems; remote and less developed locations such as Sudan and other African nations were especially challenging.

Enter SAP

Time for a Global Partner

WCS chose SAP to become a long term partner rather than a short term solution (WCS had also evaluated Oracle and other solutions). One of the benefits WCS found in SAP was that it was a global company that would make it easier to support all of WCS’s key locations, including its headquarters in New York.

Better Business

End-to-End Integration and Donation Transparency
SAP was the only solution that was completely integrated end-to-end, and utilized Best Practice templates, which WCS didn’t have before. SAP Business All-in-One is also a browser-based solution, so WCS will be able to quickly and easily rollout the solution to even their most remote locations with limited connectivity. WCS is also using Human Capital Management to streamline benefits and employee services.
SAP Business All-in-One is helping WCS with their Grant Management System; this is a key component of SAP for WCS as this system provides the foundation for the organization and enables WCS to track donations, and allows contributors to see how those donations are spent.

If a donor chooses to give to a particular location or initiative, that donor is able to track where and how the money was used.

Better Business: Run Simple

43 Global Locations

WCS successfully completed their phase one go-live with SAP Business All-in-One with Sita Corp as the implementation partner on-budget and ahead of schedule. The next step is the Phase 2 implementation, where the solution is being rolled-out to all 43 global locations.

Journey Ahead

Along for the Precious Journey—for the Long Haul

As WCS continues to work to preserve the precious wildlife and majestic land and seascapes of the world, and educate future generations to continue their efforts, SAP will continue to grow and scale as needed to meet their needs. As projects expand to new frontiers, SAP Business All-in-One will be along for the journey.

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