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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Tracking more than 14,000 data points per vehicle

The world’s largest privately owned fleet management services company, ARI collects and analyzes thousands of data elements. They use SAP HANA to track vehicles’ maintenance, fuel use, licensing, driver behavior, and more—delivering fast, actionable information to help customers save money, build revenue, and improve productivity.

Automotive Resources International (ARI)

US$2.4 billion

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Data Services, SAP HANA, SAP Information Steward

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Hewlett Packard ( - hardware partner; SAP Services (implementation partner)

Professional Services

Customer Snapshot: History

Managing Fleets, Focusing on People

A subsidiary of Holman Automotive Group, ARI manages over 2 million vehicles worldwide, helping customers with complex fleets solve business problems through operational excellence and exceptional customer service.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Fueling Success

ARI transforms fleet trucks into assets that spark company growth. The company works closely with its customers to solve complex business problems, combing business insight with the services needed to increase efficiency while also cutting costs. ARI works with a network of global partners to reach over 2 million fleet vehicles worldwide.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

ARI values their customers’ success. That’s why ARI is determined to help customers drive greater efficiencies, helping them save money and increase revenue.

The Challenge

Faster Decisions

For ARI, customer service is key. Seven global customer contact centers handle about 4 million calls annually, and this sea of daily information needs to be analyzed, which took up to two days manually, so negatively affecting service levels. With the amount of data ARI collects doubling every 14 months, their in-house ETL data warehouse limited their ability to fully help customers reduce fleet costs and gain operational efficiencies.

Enter SAP

A Strategic Partner

ARI operates many transactional systems worldwide and analyzes a great deal of data. When customers asked for direct data access, ARI crafted a data strategy for an expanding global customer base. They wanted to deliver high-performance data analytics with a partner willing to help develop future data strategies and capabilities as well.

Making data useable.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Optimized Software

ARI collects and analyzes data to determine how fleet management can support their customers’ goals. Because ARI needed a big data solution, they selected the SAP HANA platform. They also chose Hewlett-Packard (HP) for their hardware platform. SAP HANA was so impressive that it attracted ARI away from competing providers. With in-memory computing provided by SAP HANA, ARI can now answer customer questions in seconds, allowing the company to drive greater efficiencies for customers.

Better Business

ARI has a 360° view of their fleet data, providing insight into what works, where opportunities are, and what customers no longer need.

Better Business: Benefits

Efficiency Up, Costs Down

ARI has transformed their IT infrastructure and business strategy. Their customers can now solve complex problems, combining business insight and optimal lifecycle analysis to drive vehicle fleet efficiency up, and push costs down.

Better Business: Run Simple

Information into Action

To deliver actionable information to both company management and global customer contact centers, ARI uses SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence as the reporting system for SAP HANA. ARI’s fleet services expect to cut departmental overhead by 5% with help from SAP HANA through higher first-call resolution and lower cost per transaction.

A tremendous savings.

Journey Ahead

More Ways to Help Customers

ARI is looking at predictive analytics, hoping to improve customer profitability by spotting behavioral trends. The company continues to enhance their customer self-service portal, helping lower the cost of customer service. They are also looking at telematics, the collection of real-time data from fleet vehicles via telecommunications.

Do more - while reducing costs.

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