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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Now with 80 sites, on 5 continents, and holding 520 active patents worldwide

Varian Medical Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of oncology radiation equipment that treats an average of 250,000 patients per day, across 33 countries. Keeping up with their global growth while providing the most expert, streamlined services possible meant a serious commitment within their HR and IT divisions to implement new ways of doing business.

Varian Medical Systems Inc.

US$2.77 billion

Number of Employees

High Tech

Palo Alto, California, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), SAP Enterprise Support, SAP ERP, SAP Fiori, SAP HANA, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP NetWeaver Business Client, SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM), SAP Solution Manager, SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Customer Snapshot: History

From Wartime Innovations to Modern Medical Miracles

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Low Volume, High Complexity Company

Varian manufactures large oncology and radiotherapy equipment, which treats an average of 250,000 patients per day. Experiencing explosive growth since expanding into Asia, Africa, and South America—Varian’s equipment and 6,600 employees are now serving 33 countries. With that growth, they are managing both externally and internally in countless ways.

They have a lot of complex indications that require intricate calculations with massive amounts of data to solve for each individual case.

Treating cancer patients daily.


The true purpose of HR.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Think Supportively, and Adaptably

To really go beyond managing change and soar into new realms of success and efficiency, Varian’s HR division knew it needed to step up with improved processes across sites in 33 countries to create a seamless organization with less complexity. This meant gathering more data, adjusting the culture, and creating a user-friendly talent management system. For instance, they planned on a new approach to employee recruiting and retention, with a much more personal approach than the classic appraisal system.

The IT department was a true leader in the improvement strategies from every angle, ready to help the company expand, lower costs and increase customer demands—and satisfaction. For IT, that meant everyone, from the internal employees affected by the myriad changes, to the end-users.

Enter SAP

Today’s Customer is Not Yesterday’s Customer

Willing to adapt and rise to new demands and customer challenges, Varian’s IT Infrastructure and HR divisions turned to SAP with their challenges to improve internal processes. This meant expanding their current IT landscape, which was predominantly SAP already. With SAP Fiori, SAP HANA, and SuccessFactors implementations to deploy in 33 countries, the co-innovations began.

Focused forward...


Varian’s IT and HR divisions took the “big bang approach” to implementing SuccessFactors cloud-based solutions globally.

IT realizations.

Better Business

SAP Co-innovates with Varian Medical Systems

With implementation and support partner KPIT in the lead, SAP and Varian Medical Systems deployed SAP HANA as a native app to improve processes around early product costing. And, with the power of SAP Fiori, are able to now operate securely and efficiently with cloud-based mobility.

Two co-innovations with SAP.

SAP has changed the paradigm of how the user experience is now delivered to the customer.   – Snehashish Sarkar, Director of IT Infrastructure, Varian Medical Systems  

Better Business: Benefits

Harnessing and Simplifying Varian’s Complexities

Examples abound across the globe for Varian as SAP provides visibility and clarity to their operation, allowing Varian to run very efficiently. Faster transaction processing, complex data analysis, user-friendly mobile apps, employee efficiency and cost savings are just a few.

A revenue forecasting improvement example.

Faster data analysis with SAP HANA, and Mobile apps using SAP Fiori UX cut costs and increase employee efficiency.

Better Business: Run Simple

Empowering Employees to be Their Best

Instead of the traditional employee-performance appraisal approach to talent management, Varian’s HR team optimized the SuccessFactors tools to create a new culture for employee training, efficiency and growth. They now make the best of the talent that they have by coaching and empowering people with the right solutions and collaboration.

IT realizations.

If it hadn’t been for the SuccessFactors Tool, we probably wouldn’t have gone down that journey . - Ellen Johnston, Director of Leadership Development, Varian Medical Systems

Journey Ahead


Innovations Never End

Varian plans to continue to partner with SAP, notably introducing Simple Finance. The highest mission of the company is to protect and save lives, and every person at Varian Medical Systems touches the commitment to that mission by constantly striving for the most cutting edge, efficient, and highest level of innovation possible.

SAP HANA makes it possible…

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