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Intelligently feeding the world

How is agriculture equipment manufacturer Stara helping Brazil's farms grow better – to feed the global appetite? With smarter agriculture and SAP.

A data-driven harvest

Stara was the first Brazilian company to equip agricultural machinery with SAP Internet of Things technology, and this has truly revolutionized their business.

With a platform connected to the cloud, farmers can now monitor vital farming processes. They can collect real-time data about planting, soil preparation, fertilizing, harvesting, and more – allowing them to better manage their farms. And with real-time data at their fingertips, they can determine the exact amount of fertilizer to apply in each section of farmland.

The result? Increased productivity, the right amount of fertilizer used, and sustainable farming.

Helping the world run better

An inspired solution

The ability to connect people, plants, and machines is revolutionizing agriculture. Leveraging the power of SAP Internet of Things technology, farmers gain invaluable insights – and improve farm utilization while reducing waste.

A better outcome

The results speak for themselves: 100% reliability of data transmitted and 100% faster information retrieval for decision making. Armed with real-time data, farmers can optimize crop yields while reducing waste.

A better industry

Stara’s Digital Farming Platform can monitor the movement and use of every piece of connected equipment in the world – linking manufacturers, equipment retailers and farmers. With shared knowledge and technology, the whole industry benefits.

A better world

Adopted at scale, the solution developed by Stara and SAP could have an enormous impact on the world food supply. And by contributing to sustainable farming, there are benefits all around – for farmers, the planet, undernourished people, and future generations.

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