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Audrey Allan

Presales Senior Specialist, Global Customer Operations

Audrey's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


An employer that recognizes you as an individual, and not just the person you bring to work? There isn’t much more I can ask for.

Audrey Allan

Until the age of 20, I lived in a small town close to Paris, France. Although it was the place I called ‘home’, I couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing from my life. When I turned 21, I got the opportunity to study abroad in England and in that time, away from familiar surroundings, something clicked. I realized I thrived in foreign environments where I could be exposed to different people, cultures and situations, and nurture myself-resilience, independence and curiosity for the world.

The following year, I finished my master’s degree and followed my globetrotting heart to pursue an international career in Quebec, Canada. Not one to stay still for long, my next role led me to New York, U.S. Here was where I came across SAP for the first time through a partnership between my then employer and SAP. After a couple of meetings with the SAP team, I fell in love with the company, the people who worked there and the values it stood for. My new goal was to work for SAP, so I quickly submitted my CV and hoped for the best.

When your door isn’t knocked on, sometimes it’s you who should do the knocking. Not hearing back as quickly as I’d have liked, I learned about the power of networking after watching an online webinar, and quickly connected with SAP Presales Managers on a professional platform. I had no prior experience in technology, software or even presales, but I was obsessed with working for a company that improved people’s work-life through automation, simplification and technology. To my disbelief, in 2010, my dream came true.

I joined the Presales team and relocated from New York to Dublin, Ireland, where I specialized in the HR module, which later became SAP’s HCM suite SuccessFactors. Today, I live in beautiful Sydney, and I am a Utility Business Architect helping my customers understand and adopt SAP technology. What I love about my job is that it is customer focused. I get a lot of energy from talking to clients about their business priorities and helping them take the first step towards a business transformation.

One of my most memorable experiences at SAP was being part of 1 Billion Lives, an employee-led initiative with the goal of using SAP technology to improve the lives of 1 billion people by 2020. My team’s idea was to prevent stillbirths using monitoring devices and pregnancy data to provide doctors and researchers key insights they never had before. SAP sent us to India to be coached by amazing mentors and pitch our ideas to a jury. Even though our idea did not win, we had an amazing experience and learned so much. I can now apply that learning in my day-to-day job and support my passion to help improve people’s lives.

On a personal note, SAP has been amazing in supporting my work aspirations as well as my passion for the outdoors. I have the freedom to organize my day based on my customer meetings and deadlines, as well as sneaking in a beach run, a gymnastics class and even the occasional beach volleyball practice. Sydney wakes up early, so there is a lot that can be done before going to work. The company has enabled me to travel the world, live in the most beautiful country and satisfy my insatiable curiosity. An employer that recognizes you as an individual, and not just the person you bring to work? There isn’t much more I can ask for.

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