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Experience wins across the entire employee lifecycle

Experience wins — create great experiences to foster employee productivity and organizational agility with SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite.

Empower workers to succeed with the next evolution of human capital management

Replace global complexity with guided simplicity

Tackle global compliance, local regulations, diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being, while gaining full visibility into your entire workforce and automating processes to free up time for more strategic work.

Build skills and agility with individualized learning and development

Move beyond traditional learning to create a culture of curiosity and growth and build a strong, knowledgeable workforce. Leverage powerful technology to develop a workforce that can take on any challenge.

Close the employee experience gap

Align HR and employees to improve experiences and drive business success

Discover the importance of listening to – and acting on behalf of – employees to decrease employee turnover and negative customer experiences (CX), while minimizing the risk of damaging your brand and alienating key investors.

Explore use cases to experience wins in your HR organization


Automate and streamline core HR and payroll processes across the entire workforce

  • Tackle the sophistication of global compliance and local regulations
  • Deliver full visibility into your entire workforce and integrate all the data, workflows, and systems
  • Provide simplified and accurate payroll processes to help ensure your workforce is paid correctly and on time
  • Enable mobile apps for communication and collaboration
  • Make diversity, inclusion, and well-being an everyday part of how you do business

What products do I need to get started?


Move beyond traditional learning to create a culture of curiosity and growth with a learning management system (LMS)

  • Use powerful technology to develop a workforce with the capabilities to take on the future – a team built on coaching, feedback, performance goals, and development plans
  • Connect learning experiences that fit each individual’s style and development plans
  • Replace guesswork in career planning with clear mobility paths
  • Embed learning into your overall talent management process

What products do I need to get started?
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning can help you develop your employees' skills and reduce compliance risk with a unified learning management system (LMS).
  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals can enable you to evaluate and recognize top talent, align your strategies and goals, and improve employee performance management continuously.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development can help you engage employees with meaningful career development opportunities, close talent gaps, and nurture leaders.
  • SAP Litmos solutions can allow SMEs and certain organizational departments to engage with targeted learning, drive a better customer experience, and improve performance across the enterprise and beyond.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone allows you to access relevant business applications and processes, information, and communications from a single entry point with our digital workplace solution.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace puts opportunity at the center of your workforce strategy to create an agile environment where everyone can thrive.

Leverage SAP technology to put people at the heart of your business

Take action with a powerful suite of products

Discover a global, cloud-based human resource management software system that supports four key functional areas – employee experience management, talent management, core HR and payroll, and HR analytics and workforce planning.

Embrace a learning culture by improving employee skills

Boost learner engagement by developing new skills with blended learning capabilities and learning content that’s relevant to the employee. Reduce compliance risk with a unified learning management system (LMS). 

Provide an employee-centric HR user experience

Connect employees to boost productivity, increase retention, and drive engagement through communication, communities, and personalized and guided experiences from across disparate systems.

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Hear from SAP SuccessFactors customers, HR leaders and our partners. Be inspired by HR thought leaders and learn from SAP SuccessFactors experts and experience a community like no other. 

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