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Five Actions for Sustainable Business

There’s been a surge in demand for global businesses to act and run sustainably

Customers, employees, and investors are rejecting companies that don’t act to implement sustainable business practices. Accelerated business action for sustainability will certainly have dramatic positive impacts on people and planet, but it’s also the greatest economic opportunity of our time. We must reinvent business to be both profitable and sustainable.


To do this, we must put people and planet and profits on equal footing. Being a sustainable business is as much about the vitality of your workforce and local communities as it is about the health of the environment. As the building blocks of the global economy, businesses need to transform strategies, operations, and networks to achieve our shared global goals of a cleaner planet and more inclusive, equal societies.


Companies that focus on sustainable business performance will gain competitive efficiencies, more easily comply with increasing regulation, and, ultimately, be able to adapt and thrive through new business opportunities. Sustainability does not have to be an added cost to business – it can be a competitive advantage. It will take holistic approaches to accomplish the outcomes needed at speed and scale. 


We’ve outlined five essential actions for sustainable business. These actions apply to companies of all sizes, industries, geographies, and stages of sustainable business maturity. There is no “one size fits all” road map. If every company took these actions, we would collectively reinvent businesses, industries, and economies to deliver the positive outcomes we need for our environment and societies everywhere.


To discuss how SAP can help you take action for your sustainable business, contact us.

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