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Data to Value

Give data purpose with unified data and analytics from SAP.

Why choose SAP for your data and analytics solutions?

SAP incorporates direct connectivity to SAP and third-party data sources with unmatched knowledge of business processes and semantics to provide every user with a variety of data and analytics services based on a common enterprise-grade infrastructure for all data.

Unified data and analytics from SAP

To uncover real value in your data, your organization needs an interconnected set of solutions. Our unified data and analytics solutions can help you turn raw data into business outcomes.

SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum

Accelerating outcomes – turn data into value with unified data and analytics.

What is an enterprise data strategy?

An enterprise data strategy is a business-prioritized, comprehensive road map of data-dependent capabilities needed to achieve outcome-driven transformation. Beyond technology, this strategy is inclusive of securing sponsorship, establishing a funding model, managing organizational change, using success metrics, and creating engagement strategies.
Outcome-driven data strategy

Leverage an enterprise data strategy as a blueprint for creating a data-driven culture that harnesses the power of data and analytics to achieve business outcomes.

Identifying a good data strategy

Take a look at what makes a data strategy a good data strategy that can help you improve your decision-making.

The role of chief data officers

Understand the viewpoints from top influencers and industry data leaders, and get their perspective as experienced data and analytic practitioners. 

Managing data in the cloud

Explore a guide to help you manage data sources, quality, processes, analytics, and more.

What is an agile data and analytics initiative?

The data and analytics plan design is based on all stakeholders’ requirements, addresses current and future business needs, and enables the business and users to achieve quick wins and long-term success.
A highly successful agile data and analytics initiative is:

  • Elevated: Designed for a business outcome-driven data and analytics program based on strategic business requirements and goals, not individual pain points
  • Empowering: Provides users with the ability to easily understand and access data and quickly unlock data-driven decision-making across the enterprise
  • Adaptable: Enables flexibility to deliver immediate impact and long-term stability with the least disruption to positively impact adoption of the program

Taking your data and analytics to the next level

SAP provides a suite of strategic advisory services to help business leaders manage key decisions about data and analytics programs. This means focusing on your desired business outcome, rather than taking a technology-first approach.

Implementing agile data and analytics

Data-driven analytics provides a critical foundation for business innovation and growth that promises valuable market and customer insights. Many organizations struggle to determine where to begin. Watch this webinar replay for guidance and pragmatic steps to unlock the value of enterprise data and analytics.

What are the unified data and analytics from SAP?

Unified data and analytics solutions from SAP power the data-to-value customer outcomes of SAP Business Technology Platform by taking care of your entire data journey. Make confident decisions based on data-driven insights made possible with leading data management and analytics capabilities. With a unified strategy, you can integrate your data into a unified foundation, trust your data to make an impact, and champion the path forward to the cloud.

Data value formula

Simplify complex value creation processes with the data value formula. Determine the value of your data with these three value drivers: data volume, data quality, and data use.

Unlock the full value of data

Understand how SAP enables you to give data purpose by managing data through its entire lifecycle, from initial storage to real-time analytics, to quickly harness the power of information. 

Demo: End-to-end data management

Learn how SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics help you unite all your data, trust your insights, and champion your cloud transformation.

State of the market

Discover how other companies are leveraging enterprise data and analytics to drive innovation and increase competitive differentiation to improve customer experiences. 

Data and analytics ambassador

SAP has partnered with Jan Frodeno, a gold-winning triathlete, as he shares similar values as SAP – striving for success by going the extra mile and always being willing to adapt and take on new challenges. Jan is also known for his meticulousness, professionalism, and pioneering role in the use of data through the latest technologies. Read the blog below to learn how he uses SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics to improve his performance. 

Data and analytics for industries

Transform into a customer first, data-driven retailer

To meet customers expectations, retailers need to manage an ever-growing number of data sources while processing point of sale (POS) information quickly and effectively. The unified data and analytics cloud solutions from SAP make this possible. They cover the entire data journey, helping you transform all the data you have into the answers you need.

Leverage data and analytics to become consumer-centric

The consumer packaged goods industry needs a deep understanding of new consumer journeys to deliver personalized experiences driven by data. It’s the data across all lines of business – from manufacturing to marketing to finance – that increase innovation, improve agility, and better understand customers.

Become a data-driven government organization

Governments have a heightened responsibility to serve as an authoritative source of truth for their citizens. To achieve this, government organizations need a portfolio with the tools to break down silos, optimize processes, and turn insight into action, so they can focus on the challenges of tomorrow.

Give your data purpose with solutions
from SAP Business Technology Platform

To find real value in data and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your data, you need an interconnected set of solutions that can integrate with your current systems while advancing your data processes.

Connect, discover, enrich, and transform distributed data sprawls into actionable business insights at enterprise scale

Provide your users with intelligent, relevant, and contextual insights with integration across the IT landscape.

  • Discover and connect to data anywhere, anytime from a single enterprise data fabric
  • Transform and augment data across complex data types and curate a robust, searchable data catalog
  • Implement intelligent data processes by orchestrating complex data flows enriched with scalable, repeatable, and production-grade machine learning pipelines

Pull together master data organization-wide and manage it centrally

Improve the quality and consistency of information across your organization by consolidating and centrally governing the master data lifecycle. 

  • Support for all master data domains and implementation styles
  • Prebuilt data models, business rules, workflow, and user interfaces 
  • Enablement of SAP and third-party systems on a hybrid landscape

Store and process large amounts of data without complexity

Simplify access to your data with advanced virtualization capabilities combined with flexible data storage and process options to provide a single gateway to all enterprise data. 

  • Simplify data management with multi-temperature storage tiers, accessible within a simple, single interface
  • Access data from all applications (SAP, custom, and third-party apps) and data types, including spatial, graph, or document, with standard SQL access
  • Leverage benefits of the cloud by deploying as a stand-alone solution or as an extension to an existing on-premise environment

Build trusted data and strong definitions

Connect data with business context and empower business users to unlock insights with a unified data and analytics cloud solution.

  • Enable end-to-end data management and decision-making across business and enterprise-grade experiences
  • Unite your heterogeneous data in one solution, maintaining the trust and semantic richness of your information
  • Combine powerful data management capabilities with the broadest advanced analytics – designed for both business and IT

Provide insights to make decisions  

Get all the cloud analytics features you need to be able to use your data to drive business outcomes – BI, augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and enterprise planning – in a single solution.

  • Make end-to-end decisions with confidence in one single workflow, from planning to insights​
  • Receive actionable insights automatically with embedded machine learning​
  • Empower business users to safely work with governed data and build stunning interactive dashboards​

Winning with a data-to-value approach
from SAP

20% projected reduction in season ticket holder churn

24x7 insights on ER volumes, arrivals, bed utilization, and discharges every 3 minutes

30% more efficient Web site checkout processes

Using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, we have transformed our data architecture, creating one source of truth and helping our people easily and securely access data for insights and decision-making.

Markus Hartmann

IT Project Management Lead, Dr. Ing. h.c. F., Porsche AG 

How to get started with SAP

To be truly essential, data must address a specific business need, help the organization reach its strategic objectives, and generate real value. Help your organization build successful plans by utilizing data as a strategic asset. 

Enterprise data strategy

Learn how to improve business agility with an outcome-driven and adaptable data and analytics strategy that empowers all stakeholders to make an immediate impact. Check out the playbook to create a prescriptive plan to achieve confident data-driven decision-making.

Agile Data and Analytics Strategy 

Learn how to improve business agility with an outcome-driven and adaptable data and analytics strategy that empowers all stakeholders to make an immediate impact. Check out the playbook to create a prescriptive plan to achieve confident data-driven decision-making.

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