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Enable electronic invoicing for Italy

Implement and configure effective electronic invoicing for Italy

Comply with Italy taxing regulations in a simplified way with a real-time solution, that allows online exchange and monitoring of electronic invoices with Italian Authorities. Compliance with the e-invoicing regulation is not optional. Being non-compliant (omitted, late, or incorrect electronic invoicing) can result in penalties ranging from 90% to 180% of the VAT omitted.

Transmit documents to Italian tax authorities

Succeed in increasingly complex regulatory environments with electronic invoicing from SAP Integration Suite. Businesses operating in Italy can transform transactional data into predefined exchange formats and transfer it electronically to external legal or tax authority systems.

  • Management of complex processes involving several message exchanges
  • Electronic documents for invoicing, credit memos, and debit memos
  • Improved document transmission, which saves time and money

Why SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Document Compliance Service

  • The e-document framework developed for organizations to comply with local regulations that mandate the use of electronic documents sent to partners and legal authorities.
  • Rolled out the service in other countries with one united expert team from SAP on hand using country-specific scenarios
  • Maintenance of legal regulation and changes in a simplified way (one user interface, one platform one provider)

SAP Integration Suite

  • Smooth integration with the SAP ERP application, enabling the IT team in the company’s head office to centrally monitor the new electronic document framework
  • Orchestrate the communication with the authorities as well as other document receivers

API Business Hub

  • API options to adapt business requirements


  • Monitor communication, trace source documents, and handle exceptions

Value driven results

How does Mindray a medical devices firm ensure its electronic invoicing processes exceed expectations? 

> 100,000


Making healthcare more accessible worldwide

~ 200


Deliver quality care in a safe, secure, and affordable environment

Learn how Mindray keeps its innovative medical devices compliant with new country-specific regulations to continue ensuring quality care in hospitals around the world.

With SAP MaxAttention services, we successfully implemented the hybrid-based SAP Document Compliance service, invoicing option for Italy, in just eight weeks – becoming the first business in the world to do so.

Wang Lue
Application Development and Support Manager,
Shenzhen Mindray Bio - Medical Electronics Co., Ltd

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