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SAP Business Technology Platform Use Cases

Our real-life use cases show how SAP BTP can help meet your specific business needs.

See how our technologies can help you meet your business challenges

Automate business document processing

Automate document information extraction and classification leveraging AI and RPA capabilities with SAP Process Automation.

Simplify connectivity to any application

Ensure a smooth connection and integration to third-party cloud applications with the Open Connectors capability within SAP Integration Suite.

Extend SAP S/4HANA with new applications

Experience how SAP Business Application Studio can extend SAP S/4HANA by creating simple custom UI applications.

Create simple, connected digital experiences

Manage the full lifecycle of your APIs and unlock new opportunities in the API economy with SAP API Management.

Enable a scalable data management landscape

Learn core concepts of SAP HANA Cloud database to create a scalable data management landscape. 

Experience the future of data-driven decision-making

Analyze, predict, plan, and report on information to make contextual decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Build apps on no-code tools and take your line of business to the next level

Explore our use cases

Our use cases offer comprehensive information about the services needed to run a discrete use case along with the technical information for implementing the use case.

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