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SAP HANA version 2.0

What is SAP HANA 2.0?

The next-generation of our in-memory platform, SAP HANA 2.0, simplifies database and data management – and makes it easier for application developers to deliver smart, insight-driven apps. The platform’s new capabilities are optimized for innovation and can help your business compete more effectively in the digital economy. And because SAP HANA 2.0 is a continuation of the existing platform, you’ll have access to a stable, highly available, and secure data environment for your applications.

Adopt SAP HANA 2.0 at Your Pace

SAP now offers you a choice on how rapidly you would like to adopt innovation. Here is what you need to know to decide.


  • Bring new ideas to life with technology enhancements delivered via support package stacks (SPS)
  • Get technology enhancements twice-a-year; for example, SPS 01 and SPS 02
  • Upgrade required after two SPSs are released to remain compliant with maintenance support (Example: SPS 00 is supported until SPS 02 is released)


  • Run applications in a constant environment without the disruption of support package stack (SPS) upgrades
  • Obtain maintenance revisions (but no new SPSs) until May 2019
  • Upgrade to SAP HANA 2.0 at any time

What’s new in SAP HANA 2.0?

Gain answers to key questions about the next generation of the
SAP HANA platform, optimized for innovation.

SAP HANA Academy

Get the latest videos from the SAP HANA Academy showcasing SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 00 new features and functionality.

Database Enhancements

High availability and disaster recovery/ backup and recovery

  • Load balance read-intensive operations between a primary and secondary instance of SAP HANA with the active / active-read enabled mode
  • Automate orchestration of HA/DR processes with enhanced SAP Landscape Management integration
  • Optimize workload for 3rd party backup tools by consolidating SAP HANA log backups  


  • Protect data at rest by using SAP HANA’s comprehensive encryption for data and redo log files
  • Reduce TCO by using existing LDAP groups for automatic role assignment
  • Simplify monitoring of security alerts and configuration of security and users in the new SAP HANA cockpit


  • Manage one instance, multiple tenants or thousands of SAP HANA instances within the SAP HANA Cockpit administration and monitoring tool 
  • Prevent run-away queries and manage system thresholds with enhanced workload management
  • Reduce time and cost when implementing change by capturing, comparing and analyzing multiple workload replays

Advanced Analytical Processing Enhancements


  • Find information faster with improved searching and filtering on dates
  • Dynamically configure search rules for duplicate detection
  • Run search rules in “batch mode” to check a large number of records in a single call

Text analytics

  • Extend the smarts of your applications that use text analysis to all languages using spaces between words
  • Easily embed natural-language processing into your products with a new native SQL interface
  • Manage your own domain-specific custom dictionaries and rules within the Web IDE for SAP HANA

Graph data processing

  • Analyze graph data more efficiently and achieve results faster with new visualizations
  • Leverage existing Cypher query language skills with SAP HANA support for Cypher for pattern matching  

Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Create richer predictive applications using more pre-packaged algorithms
  • Run scoring functions faster with parallel processing across large-scale partitioned data

Application Development and Tools Enhancements

Application server

  • Reduce TCO with Bring Your Own Language and Runtimes by running these applications within the XS Advanced framework
  • Build native applications in multi-tenant (MDC) landscapes without restriction
  • Reduce effort of supporting JAVA based applications with enhanced JAVA / JavaScript runtime supportability and trace features

Tools, languages, and APIs

  • Accelerate application development with enhanced modeling for calculation views, core data services, and data types (i.e. spatial, text, graph, etc.)
  • Directly create and query hierarchies without dependency on the graphical modeler
  • Test and develop MDX based queries and statements against SAP HANA views and leverage additional MDX capabilities
  • Increase productivity with improved syntax error troubleshooting and expanded impact and lineage analysis

Data Management Enhancements

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, Edition for SAP HANA

  • Perform enterprise architecture and business process modeling, as well as architect and plan physical data models that target SAP HANA, with this new web-based tool that compliments existing SAP HANA modeling tools

Multi-tier storage (*targeted release in near future)

  • Simplify management of large volumes of data with multi-store tables
  • Integrated management of Dynamic Tiering with support for encrypted extended store, system replication and delta back-ups

Data integration

  • Simplify and accelerate data movements with parallel data loads, automatic recovery, and data integration with SAP ABAP-based systems (via BAPIs that support virtual procedures)
  • Gain access to more data sources with added support for Microsoft Access and SharePoint

Data quality and data federation

  • Improve the accuracy of location-based data by taking advantage of enhanced address cleansing capabilities
  • Leverage remote metadata synchronization to simplify alignment with remote data schema copies

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