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SAP HANA version 2.0 SPS03

What’s new in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03?

Learn why the new enhancements included in the latest support package stack (SPS 03) are ideal for supporting digital transformation in organizations that want to use the latest in-memory technology to run their business.

SPS 03: Database Enhancements


  • Gain insights on sensitive data and explore new business opportunities while safeguarding data privacy with real time data anonymization.
  • Provide reassurance to your data protection officer with integrated access control, auditing, and anonymization reporting.
  • Simplified security management with extended LDAP integration, enabling automated user provisioning and native LDAP authentication.
  • Easily share complex security authorizations between native SAP HANA Applications/Extensions and SAP Business Applications (e.g. S/4HANA).

Administration and monitoring

  • New visibility and management of data in a distributed system through visual table redistribution monitoring and control.
  • Greatly reduce database administration effort through parallel execution of SQL across many systems and a SQL Statement library to save statements for repeated use.
  • Simplified ability to analyze and simulate workloads to reduce cost/time when implementing change.
  • High availability for SAP HANA cockpit, enhancing its reliability and ensuring uninterrupted SAP HANA administration and monitoring.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR)

  • Reach higher levels of system availability with multi-target system replication (multi-tier chains of secondary hosts).
  • Improved business continuity through SAP HANA native invisible takeover (fault-tolerant SQL-routing).
  • Simplified ability to fixing logical errors (e.g. dropped tables) with new Secondary Time Travel, without the need of a point-in-time recovery on alternative hardware.

Workload management

  • Reduced administration efforts with wildcard support for workload classification and system level query timeout parameters.
  • Enhanced autonomous statement classification and reduced latency for OLTP workloads to further improve mixed workload scenarios.

SPS 03: Advanced Analytics Processing

Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Increased performance and agility by building and applying segmented models, e.g. building a separate time series model for each store.
  • Gain high availability and load balancing for TensorFlow™ integrations by configuring multiple TensorFlow Model Servers per server workload.
  • Ensure the best possible model accuracy and model selection using automated hyper parameter search and cross validation.

Text Analysis, Graph and Geospatial data processing

  • Improve the relevance of your search results by including spatial distance in relevance ranking calculations.
  • Extend sentiment analysis to the Japanese economy (which is third largest in the world, based on GDP) by identifying opinions in Japanese character sets

SAP HANA, spatial services

  • Easily integrate SAP HANA spatial services, available in the cloud, into custom business applications.
  • Act with live spatial intelligence, create location-aware business applications faster and adopt advanced spatial capabilities without barriers.

SPS 03: Application Development and Tools Enhancements

SAP HANA service

  • Develop business-ready cloud solutions quickly with a fully managed cloud service and innovate faster with ready-to use business content, built-in enterprise-class data security, and a wealth of services in SAP Extension Suite and from major cloud service providers.
  • Innovate with live data intelligence and create smart business processes that combine analytics and transactions or agile data marts, that extract insights from data in SAP HANA or virtually connected data sets.
  • Overcome cloud barriers and limits, by running your applications on any cloud of your choice, through a single contract with SAP.

SAP HANA, express edition

  • Get free development experience to the modern in-memory data platform SAP HANA, which can be installed on your personal computer, laptop, or server.
  • Immediately develop real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions on any data, with SAP HANA express edition – now featuring all SAP HANA 2 SPS 03 enhancements.
  • SAP HANA, express edition comes with non-production and production licenses that can be used for personal learning, group training, testing, demo, validation, and productive use.
  • SAP HANA, express edition is now also listed directly on the AWS® Marketplace, in addition to the listings on Google Cloud Platform™, Microsoft Azure®, and the Huawei® Cloud marketplaces.  An additional container image with development and administration tooling has been added in the Docker® Store.
  • Gain enhanced SAP HANA development and administration tools along with Kubernetes® support.

Tools and languages

  • Streamline application development with new built-in and user-defined libraries in SQLScript, native Ruby and Hibernate™ dialect client interface support and new rules for Code Analyzer.
  • Improve enterprise application performance and stability with prepared statement caching, continuous connections during server failover and a plan profiler for performance analysis.

SPS 03: Data Management Enhancements

Enterprise architecture

  • SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, Cloud Edition now available as an application service on SAP Extension Suite. Start with architecture and design, even before an SAP HANA system has been set up.
  • Benefit from a flexible model-to-model generation option for hybrid cloud environments by transferring models between on premise and Cloud versions.
  • Define business level structures with a conceptual data model, which can generate the implementation model, using an end-to-end tool.
  • Collaboration features to support multiple stakeholder personas.

Data integration and federation

  • Benefit from additional options to access, synthesize or integrate business data between multiple SAP HANA systems or from external sources, e.g. Apache Spark™ on Big Data Services, Microsoft Azure HDInsight®, Google® BigQuery, and Apache Cassandra™ support. 
  • Reduce processing time for high-volume reads with auto-partitioning of the source table with SAP HANA, smart data integration.

Multi-tier storage

  • Leverage all functionality with warm data at lower cost through native SAP HANA extension node support with up to 4x warm data capacity.
  • Benefit from improved performance for cross-store queries, and faster backups to 3rd party tools with reduced storage needs with SAP HANA dynamic tiering.

Persistent memory support

  • SAP and Intel® co-innovate to deliver SAP HANA support for Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory support. 
  • Process larger volumes of data in real-time with increased memory capacity while reducing TCO through lower data management and storage cost.
  • Improve business continuity and reduce downtime through minimized SAP HANA start times, as data is persistent in main memory.

*Note: Hardware now available

SAP HANA Blockchain service (planned release)

Easily leverage blockchain innovation for better trust, traceability and transparency while getting real-time insights form all transactions and streamlining business processes across the entire business landscape. 

  • SAP HANA, with the SAP HANA Blockchain service, provides a single platform providing a unified, holistic view of enterprise data with blockchain data.
  • Monitor and analyze blockchain data to make quick decisions. Take actions by running advanced analytics on blockchain data.
  • Simply build applications leveraging blockchain data on the SAP HANA platform without having to know the complexities of blockchain networks.

SAP HANA Academy

Get the latest videos from the SAP HANA Academy showcasing SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 features and functionality.

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