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SAP Mobile Experience

Place the intelligent enterprise at your fingertips

​Make every experience personal, intuitive, contextual and delightful through mobile innovations integrated with your business processes​. Get to know SAP Mobile Start.

The new entry point to the Intelligent Enterprise

Learn about our new mobile experience, which gives a single entry point to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Ready to start

If you are ready to start you can download SAP Mobile Start directly from the App Store.

How to start

Learn about the different ways to get started, using the demo mode, SAP Launchpad service, or with the SAP BTP trial.

An experience just for you

SAP Mobile Start puts people at the heart of business processes. Reinvent how work gets done by leveraging the power of on-device intelligence and tailored micro-experiences. 

Deliver mobile moments with purpose

Gain immediate value through business-ready apps and micro-experiences, fully integrated with your processes, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry. 

Putting people at the heart of business software and processes

Learn how SAP Mobile Start’s features put people at the center of business processes, anywhere and anytime.

SAP’s mobile experience powered by the intelligent enterprise​

Get a glimpse into SAP’s fresh and new mobile experience - where work life meets daily life.​

​Innovate and run mobile innovations for your business

​See how SAP Mobile Services can help you deliver fit-for-purpose apps using the best of cloud and edge technologies​.

Unleash Innovation​

Rapidly build and extend fit-for-purpose apps using the best of cloud and edge technologies on a trusted business technology platform. ​


Leverage open standard-based services and accelerators to minimize development costs and speed-up time-to-value.

  • ​Thousands of reusable components, mobile cards, templates, and design patterns​
  • Build or extend with flexible no-code, low-code, and native development​
  • Built-in governance and secure access to on-premise or cloud-based data sources​
  • Seamless integration with SAP and third-party systems​

Accelerate value​

Drive outcomes faster with business-ready apps and micro-experiences tightly integrated and tailor-made for your SAP processes and workflows.

Let technology adapt to your needs by delivering personalized and intelligent apps that boost people productivity and engagement.

  • ​​Ready-to-go apps and micro-experiences tightly integrated with SAP processes​
  • Embedded innovations such as AI, machine learning, and augmented reality​
  • Extend and customize apps using native SDKs and open standards​
  • Built-in governance and platform services that support industry principles

Increase Agility

​Empower people to connect and interact across their business from one place.


Leverage the power of context-aware discovery and navigation across all of your business-critical SAP apps and processes.

  • On-device intelligence for personalized insights and informed decision making
  • ​Unify fragmented apps, processes, and workflows across your enterprise​
  • Intuitive navigation with native mobile notifications, actionable alerts, search and more
  • ​Work uninterrupted at the edge with robust offline and online capabilities

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Explore our featured use cases

Accelerate business processes with a mobile card kit

Many companies need to mobilize data from their enterprise systems. The mobile card kit enables you to quickly develop a mobile app and extracts data any time and from any where

Increase field technicians’ productivity by building native apps using SDKs

Field workers often need to update scheduled tasks, manage sales orders, or connect to the back-office when they are out in the field. Create the mobile app you need quickly and securely with SAP Mobile Services

Additional SAP mobile capabilities

On-device Intelligence​

Let our intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, and chatbots do the heavy-lifting so your employees and customers have dynamic, frictionless, and contextually relevant experiences​.

Rich Native Business Apps​

​Reinvent how works gets done and improve productivity with elegant mobile apps that use the latest native iOS and Android innovations, and are tightly integrated with your business workflows​.

Powerful Business Technology Platform

​Confidently build, extend, deploy and manage business apps across your enterprise with strong back-end tools, trusted built-in governance, and the flexibility to scale as your needs grow.

Innovate with Speed

​Leverage the ease of no-code and low-code development with ready-to-use industry-specific content and apps, so you can quickly maximize the value and return on your investment​.

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