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customer making the purchase

Make every customer feel like your only customer

Deliver the right information to the right customer in the right way

Enhance customer experience with SAP BTP


Increase revenues by delivering end-to-end experiences that make back office, front office, and external sources appear as one to your customer.


Bring together all data, processes and interactions for analysis and planning to drive profitable revenue growth


Build low code apps, business sites and automate processes across all departments

Deliver connected enterprise experiences

  • Improve customer satisfaction with inventory, order & delivery status all in one place
  • Improve efficiencies by integrating processes across the enterprise
  • Jumpstart implementations with pre-defined integration packages

Drive profitable growth

  • Improve margins by analyzing all customer interactions
  • Create performance plans to drive high margin products and improve efficiencies
  • Build live marketing budget plans tightly integrated with corporate financials

Create personalized experiences

  • Tailored experiences based on client preferences with low code apps linked to identity improve customer engagement
  • Increase efficiency by automating tasks across the Lead to Cash process
  • Design engaging sites across the enterprise

Top 10 ways SAP BTP can enhance the customer experience

Image of the 10 ways SAP BTP can enhance the customer experience

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