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SAP Business Technology Platform

Announcing SAP Build, low-code development solutions that enable everyone to develop with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Build on a unified platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in one, unified environment.

Personalize experiences for SAP applications

  • Deliver innovations that natively integrate with SAP applications
  • Enrich user interactions with artificial intelligence and automation
  • Access real-time, complete views of all your data

Innovate faster with business context

  • Work faster with no-code and code-first development tools
  • Use and analyze data from SAP applications within the right context and meaning
  • Jump-start projects with prebuilt industry content and use cases

Run on a trusted, enterprise-grade platform

  • Deploy in a mission-critical cloud environment managed by SAP
  • Customize business processes without the need for maintenance
  • Use your preferred cloud while interoperating with your existing IT landscape

Unleash digital innovation across business functions

What is SAP BTP?

Extend and personalize SAP applications or integrate and connect entire landscapes with SAP Business Technology Platform. Unleash your business users to connect processes and experiences, decide confidently with integrity and continuous business innovation.


Everything iPaaS all the time, any time

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