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Industry 4.Now: Moving beyond the factory

Our strategy for Industry 4.0, which we call Industry 4.Now, goes well beyond smart manufacturing in factories and plants. It connects production with end-to-end process execution across the supply chain – so you can reach a new level of connectivity and adapt to change on the fly. Industry 4.Now unlocks the full value of Industry 4.0, and addresses three key business priorities.

Focus on customers

Collect customer input and preferences – and use them as the source for everything you do.

Reinvent production

Dynamically adapt to production priorities and deliver customization at scale with intelligent assets and processes.

Connect the entire company

Synchronize sales, service, and logistics with production and operate as one seamless team.

The evolution of Industry 4.0

Hear how SAP supports the evolution of Industry 4.0 by enabling data-driven business models and providing end-to-end solutions from Thomas Saueressig.

Explore SAP’s Industry 4.0 solution portfolio

Take full advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies like edge and cloud computing, Big Data lakes, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, digital twins, autonomous systems, and more with SAP solutions. Our cutting-edge Industry 4.0 and IIoT solution portfolio is divided into four main categories:

Intelligent products

Design and deliver personalized, connected, and intelligent products by using SAP’s advanced IT and solution capabilities to fast-track product innovation, manage engineering changes dynamically, and offer new services.

Intelligent factories

Run smart factories based real-time data, AI, and autonomous things with SAP. Use smart manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, to maximize efficiency, adapt to any scenario, and deliver to a lot size of one.

Intelligent assets

Stay on top of asset health – and avoid downtime and inefficiency. Our solutions use IoT technology, digital twins, and advanced analytics to help you easily onboard assets, optimize predictive maintenance, and more.

Empowered people

Support and empower your people. Help them manage complex tasks and unforeseen events with ad hoc decision support – and use IoT-enabled monitoring, geo-fencing, and real-time analytics to improve health and safety.

See what analysts are saying about Industry 4.0

How Industry 4.0 drives agility and productivity in manufacturing

Explore new MPI Group research to see how manufacturers are using Industry 4.0 – from creating smart products to connecting devices across the supply chain.

Capture value at scale in discrete manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Some companies are stuck in Industry 4.0 “pilot purgatory.” Learn how to overcome common roadblocks and capture value at scale in this McKinsey report.

See how customers are succeeding with Industry 4.0 software from SAP

Driving productivity with Industry 4.NOW

Learn how automotive manufacturing company Continental is implementing its Industry 4.0 strategy to drive productivity and growth.

Creating an intelligent factory with Industry 4.0

See how Faurecia, a global leader in automotive technology, is embracing Industry 4.0 solutions to achieve an intelligent factory.

Keeping people and machines healthy with remote support

See how INDEX-Werke is supporting auto makers during the global health crisis with an online parts, service, and IIoT platform.

Build a business case

Benefit from Industry 4.0 with Industry 4.Now

Find out how SAP’s Industry 4.Now strategy enables customers to benefit from business expertise, software solutions, and a partner ecosystem to make data-driven applications.

Experience the innovation of smart factories and Industry 4.Now

Hear DJ Paoni, President of SAP North America, discuss the move from concept to reality at the Industry 4.Now Innovation Hub.

Speed your transformation to Industry 4.0 with SAP services

SAP has developed a portfolio of services to simplify and accelerate your journey to Industry 4.0 across industries and lines of business. Each service offers a library of proven best practices, preconfigured solutions, deployment options, and integrated business content.

Maturity assessment

Get an assessment of your company’s Industry 4.0 maturity compared to the average maturity of your competitors and industry – and see how SAP can help support and accelerate your transformation.

Explore vision

Determine your starting point on the journey to Industry 4.0. Define your vision and scope for future transformation activities based on your business challenges and priorities – and prioritize use cases. 

Business assessment

Analyze your current processes and gain an understanding of how Industry 4.0 technologies can transform them. Design to-be processes, prioritize them, and create a road map for implementation. 

Agile innovation

Tackle the uncertainties of your innovation project by leveraging SAP expertise. We can help scope the project to your budget; identify new business opportunities; and design, create, and validate solutions. 

Partner success

Ensure a successful implementation during customer- and partner-led projects by leveraging SAP’s best-in-class tools, methodologies, and deep implementation and development expertise.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Richard Howells
Vice President

Realize the promise of Industry 4.0

Discover how an alliance of a variety of players can form the village your business needs to benefit from the full potential of Industry 4.0 principles.

Mike Lackey
Vice President

Improve the customer experience from design to operation

Overcome the challenges of a volatile and complex economy by delivering the experience your customers expect with Industry 4.0 technology solutions.

Peter Flohrer
Head of Manufacturing Industries for Global Consulting Delivery

Innovation service package for Industry 4.Now

See how SAP partners and customers can access the insights and tools needed to increase technology adoption and further optimize existing solution investments.

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