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Working Capital Management

Free working capital to strengthen your financial supply chain and manage risk with working capital management solutions from Taulia, now part of SAP.

Offer early payment and boost cash flow for your business network

Working capital management solutions from Taulia, now part of SAP, can help you optimize working capital across payables, receivables, and inventory.



SAP acquires Taulia

SAP and Taulia bring working capital management to new heights

Product Overview

There’s value tied up in your supply chain. If you can get to it, you can use it to grow your business, invest in R&D, create new products, and solve big problems. Our solutions can help you create an invoicing and working capital program to free your cash and address your entire supply chain.


Early payment discounts
Generate significant hard savings that go straight to your bottom line and improve profitability.

Risk-free high return
Earn risk-free returns that are much higher than traditional investments by investing your cash to capture discounts.

Stability and resilience
Strengthen supplier relations and become a customer of choice by injecting liquidity into your supply chain.


Supplier access to working capital
Collaborate to craft programs that meet each party’s liquidity objectives, helping you take control over cash flow.

Supplier collaboration
Improve supplier relations by investing in relationships that focus on value creation more than payment terms.

Stability and resilience
Ensure consistent access to finance, offering suppliers resilience amid economic volatility and greater financial stability.


Affordable receivables financing
Avoid borrowing or missing out on growth opportunities by unlocking the cash trapped in your receivables.

Balance sheet management and receivables derecognition
Improve your balance sheet, derecognize assets, and optimize cash to improve your DSO and cash conversion cycles.

Sales growth and M&A opportunities
Turbocharge your growth and open mergers and acquisitions opportunities by having the required cash in hand.


Reduced in-transit lead times
Align goods delivery with production and benefit from economies of scale while managing inventory and forecasted demand.

Access to nearby safety stocks
Enable supply chain elasticity without impacting your balance sheet by building up and owning nearby safety stocks.

Enhanced vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Simplify the inventory management process by allowing suppliers to outsource your VMI requirements to Taulia.

Improved inventory visibility
Gain inventory visibility by tracking the movement of goods from origination through carriers and customs to the warehouse.

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