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An SAP Fieldglass mobile app in a mobile device

SAP Fieldglass mobile apps

To effectively manage external workers, you need to complete time-sensitive tasks on the fly. Mobile apps make it simple.

Mobile apps designed to boost your external workforce efficiency

Manage and support your external workers right from your iOS or Android mobile device. With flexible features and functionality, you can stay on top of essential tasks with greater ease, especially tasks that are time-sensitive and done often.


Having the right talent at the right time is vital to a responsive workforce. Use the on-the-go features of SAP Fieldglass mobile apps to engage, manage, and support external workers when and where they’re needed.

  • Speed workflows with fast action
  • Gain 24x7 visibility into worker activities
  • Get instant input of hours worked

SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub

With the ability to hire, manage, and monitor workers on the go, you can boost productivity and realize results faster.


Gain convenient, role-based access to key capabilities of our desktop application from your mobile device.

  • Create job postings, vet candidates, and schedule interviews
  • See worker status and alerts
  • Track and approve or reject worker activities, time sheets, and expense sheets
  • Process pending approvals and work items

SAP Fieldglass Time Entry

By making it simpler for external workers to enter work hours anyplace, anytime, you can minimize errors and maximize processing speed.


Enable external workers to manage time sheets on a mobile device so they can focus more on the job and less on logistics.

  • Record, review, and revise hours worked
  • Input hours each day to enhance accuracy
  • Respond quickly to rejected time sheets
  • See up-to-the-minute status of previous and pending time sheets

SAP Fieldglass Service Orders

Providing a faster way for external field workers to track tasks and progress improves efficiency and saves time.


Allow external workers located in the field to view, prioritize, and record the completion of tasks immediately.

  • View work items and tasks sorted by status and target deadline
  • Mark items complete as work gets done
  • Attach and enter descriptions of supporting documents, such as photos and receipts

Go mobile now

To begin using our mobile apps, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and install SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub, SAP Fieldglass Time Entry, and SAP Fieldglass Service Orders.

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