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Photo of a cargo container being moved with supply chain logistics software

Supply Chain Logistics

Manage goods efficiently across warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution with our supply chain logistics management software.

Fueling resilient and sustainable supply chain logistics management

With on-premise and cloud logistics management solutions from SAP, you can get real-time insights into your supply chain, identify bottlenecks, and mitigate risks as they arise.

Optimize global logistics processes

Digitalize and synchronize all your business processes and deliver deep, real-time process integration across manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment to help ensure high accuracy and short, swift delivery times.

Get real-time insights into logistics execution

Improve data visualization for supply chain users by applying different visual options and empowering them with an instant, comprehensible overview of their logistics processes. In this way, you can increase contextual awareness and support the proper handling of supply chain risks and disruptions.

Improve operational responsiveness

Collaborate with your ecosystem and connect business partners with your global logistical processes across multiple modes of transport.


Industry 4.0

Connect production with end-to-end process execution across the supply chain

Explore sustainable supply chain logistics management solutions from SAP


Inbound logistics management

Streamline advanced shipment notification, yard management, inbound optimization, and quality management.

Storage and operations

Manage physical inventory, replenishment slotting and rearrangement, and value-added services.

Outbound logistics management

Enable warehouse order optimization, wave management, packing control, and process monitoring.


The SAP Extended Warehouse Management application gives us the ultradynamic warehouse capabilitynecessary to support growth and future expansion while maintaining our dedication to freshness and quality for consumers.

Osanda Warnakulasooriya, Assistant Vice President, Head of Business Systems –Retail Sector, Keells


Strategic freight management

Optimize freight procurement for multiple modes by using a sophisticated transportation management system.

Order management

Minimize freight costs and enhance customer service with more efficient order and process management.

Transportation planning

Lower transportation costs and achieve on-time delivery with automated planning processes and integrated business views.

Transportation execution

Run your logistics faster, more dynamically, and more responsively with improved cargo handling and reduced costs.

SAP Transportation Management and SAP Event Management have helped us reduce complexity and increase productivity.

Victor Rivera, Director, Information Services, California Steel Industries Inc


Order and appointment planning

Integrate and automate resource use, incoming and outgoing transport, and gate-in and gate-out processes.

Yard execution and processing

Deliver products and services faster and improve service with enhanced visibility, control, and mobile planning capabilities.

Integration and monitoring

Use comprehensive graphical monitoring to identify, avoid, and solve potential issues with insight.


Transportation resource tracking and monitoring

Track the stock and status of your transportation resources according to type and location and monitor resource-relevant KPIs.

Empty resource movement optimization

Find the optimal locations and dates for the pickup and return of your transportation resources.

Transportation resource planning

Simulate scenarios to correct and prevent imbalances in transportation resource supply and demand and make more informed decisions.

Supply and demand forecasting

Use enhanced computation models to generate accurate forecasts of your resource supply and demand situation.

Event-triggered alerts

Receive detailed alert information and timely warnings about critical resource situations.


Efficient stock management

Manage shortage situations by allocating stocks to key customers and committing to make-to-order products based on capacity.

Effective product availability management

Make accurate, real-time delivery promises based on current and future stock information and avoid penalties.

Intelligent selection of alternatives

Improve order fill rate by intelligently selecting stocks from other locations and substituting products during a shortage.

Streamlined carrier collaboration

  • Win with a global, multimodal carrier and service provider network
  • Gain real-time transparency into competitive market prices and carrier performance
  • Enable digitalized transacting, collaboration, and shipment tracking

We want to become a digital leader in our industry. With SAP Business Network for Logistics, we now have full transparency of shipment processes along the entire value chain, helping us and our partners save costs and drive efficiency. We are excited about the many opportunities ahead.

Alexander Dieterich, Head of Group Logistics, Döhler GmbH



Insight into order fulfillment and goods in transit

  • View purchase order, freight order, and sales order shipment tracking in real time
  • Enable predictive monitoring of milestones and arrival across global, multimodal transport
  • Get exception alerts on delays and impacts to customers or production

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